Talk to Leap’s New Pro Services Team

Leap’s strategic consultants will give you a hand with tasks and time-sensitive needs where your in-house resources maybe limited. Customers have used this team for one–time ad hoc projects and refresher training for new or existing staff. More details below:

Don’t Put Away Important Tasks.
Get Help From The Experts!

How Customers Save Time!

Many of our customers have saved time and effort so they can focus more on their business by using the Pro Services team for projects like:  

  • Taking your current non-digital forms (Product, Contracts, etc.) and making them into excellent digital versions available for your sales team at the swipe of their fingers within Leap. 
  • As your business grows, so does your inventory of products/materials. We can help combine your data and make changes to price lists within Leap
  • Looking to expand your business to a new office/location? We can help build the office/location into the Leap platform.
  • Need help with workflows? Train new employees, or just need a refresher? Our team of experts can help!

Let’s Get You Started With The Pro Services Expert Today!