Say Goodbye to Antiquated Construction Estimate Software

In the home improvement industry, the difference between closing or losing a lead can be as minor as the time it takes to turn around an estimate. If you’re growing frustrated about the number of potential sales opportunities that have slipped past your company because of avoidable errors or paperwork delays, you could be an ideal partner for Leap—the first-of-its-kind point of sale application tailored to home improvement companies. Created by sales professionals for sales professionals, Leap is an iPad application that simplifies every step of the in-home sales process so a deal can be closed during the first visit. This game-changing product digitizes estimating, financing, contracting, payments, and more, allowing you to closely connect your sales process with the rest of your business. Does that sound too good to be true? Well, it almost is.

What Leap Can Offer Your Company

Leap delivers exceptional efficiency while allowing you to take better control of the sales process. It offers several custom-tailored solutions that are industry leaders top-choice amongst construction software options, including:

  • Estimates – Put away the calculator and produce detailed digital estimates with 100% accuracy. You’ll have all the pricing and product information at your fingertips, allowing you to quickly add measurements and quantities so you can create custom packages. You will be able to provide a clean and professional estimate in a matter of minutes.
  • Contracts & Proposals – The time it takes for paperwork to make its way from the field to the office can slow the sales process considerably and even lead to lost business. With Leap, sales reps can produce paperless contracts that include notes and images, and they can even capture e-signatures on site. All of your contracts will be customized for your company, and if you don’t close the deal during the initial visit, Leap integrates with DocuSign, so you can send the contract whenever the customer is ready.  
  • Financing – Would it help your process if your customers could receive on-site approvals within a matter of seconds? Leap has partnered with top lending providers to offer convenient financing options that will make projects more affordable for your customers. This could increase both deal retention and the size of the average ticket.
  • Integrations – You won’t have to worry about the communication chain, as Leap integrates with CRMs like Salesforce, Marketsharp, improveit360, LeadPerfection, and more. Your sales team will be able to manage the sales process seamlessly from end to end.

The Benefits Are Nearly Endless

We understand that you like to operate your business in a certain way that fits your preferences. For this reason, Leap can be completely customized for your business and the types of jobs you target. With Leap as your construction estimate software, you’ll enjoy benefits such as:

  • Total control – Leap is the only tool your reps will need to share product brochures, create estimates, secure financing, and ultimately, sell your products!
  • Unmatched efficiency – You’ll eliminate unnecessary emails, product and pricing errors, project underbids, and any redundant processes that hurt sales numbers. You’ll also be able to get new employees up to speed much faster.
  • Greater transparency – As a business owner, you’ll have a digital record of everything your sales reps are doing in the field.
  • Security – Leap operates in a secure environment to ensure that company and customer data always stay protected and that PCI compliance is maintained.

See for yourself what top home improvement, financing, technology, and manufacturing companies already know.

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About Leap

Leap is transforming the construction software industry as the first complete point-of-sale application, digitizing every stage of the in-home sales process including estimating, financing, contracting, and real-time communication. Created by veteran home services professionals, Leap’s application helps businesses eliminate errors and increase efficiency by simplifying and automating the day-to-day sales process.