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Leap’s strategic consultants will give you a hand with tasks and time-sensitive needs where your in-house resources may be limited. Customers have used this team for one–time ad hoc projects and refresher training for new or existing staff.

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How Our Customers Have Benefitted

Many of our customers have saved time and effort so they can focus more on their business by using the Pro Services team. Our Pro Services team is available to help you customize the Leap platform to your business.

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  • A Midwest-based contractor helped their sales team offer new products as packages and reflect the latest prices. They used the Pro Services team to add an entirely new line of products into their Leap account and update the prices of their existing products.
  • New brand? No problem! Leap Pro Services designed and created new document templates for their estimates and contracts that helped the customer’s sales team provide a great professional experience with beautiful documents for our customer in Texas wanted to update all of their digital contracts with new branding. 
  • A Leap customer used the Leap Pro Services team to build a custom commission sheet with specific options for their sales team so the data was automatically calculated in real-time which simplified the commission process for his business.   
  • A new Leap customer wanted the Pro Services team to build out the full Leap system so they could focus more on their business. So, the Leap Pro Services team handled all Price Guide data entry and updated their digital estimates and contracts. 

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