3. Header Sections

The Header section contains your company information, company logo, and the customer information at the beginning of a document. Here’s how to create and edit one.

4. Body Sections

The body of a document is broken into different sections. Each section contains cells that can be displayed to the user for input and then printed on the document.

5. Body Line Items

Body Line contain all of the content that will be added to your documents. They can be configured to allow various types of information input.

6. Cell Types

Cell Types are configurable cells that accept different types of data such as text, photo, detail image, sketch pad, etc.

7. Input Types

Input Types allow for the input of different types of data such as picker lists, numbers, currency, etc.

8. Dynamic Input Type

Dynamic cells are used when data needs to be changed depending on the value of another cell.

9. Formula Input Type

The Formula Input Type allows you to enter mathematical calculations within documents.

10. Detail Image/Line Item

The Detail Image/Line Item cell type allows selection of a thumbnail and multiple detail lines within a single cell. Usually these lines include Additional Details such as colors, sizes, model numbers, photos, etc.

11. Contract Linking

Linking is the process of telling the system what values to pull from the estimate to the Contract, Proposal, or other document type.