1. Access Saved Estimates

When you create an estimate in Leap, you have the ability to save it for future use. This is especially useful if you want to add or remove items in a specific estimate and send the updated estimate to the homeowner.

2. Estimates

The attachment section allows you to view any documents that were created and saved by users of the Leap app.

3. Emails

The Emails section allows you to view all emails that have been sent from users of the Leap app.

4. Results

Designate where appointment results are sent.

5. Rehashed Appointments (1.9.0 and prior)

Following these steps will preserve the original appointment results in your CRM while updating the rehash opportunity with the latest documents and result reporting.

6. Rehashed Appointments

Available in: Leap Pro and Leap Premium You may run into a situation where a buyer does not want to commit to a sale on the first visit. In your