get started

Getting Started

Welcome to Leap! If you are just getting started this article will teach you the best way to start building your account. This includes videos and articles on building your

Setting Up Your Price Guide

This section covers how to add your price guide items. There are three different category layouts depending on the amount of items in the category. Simple Items display in a

Building Your Contracts

This section covers how to build your contracts in Leap. You’ll need to update your company information in the header and create different body sections that will contain the scope

account configuration

Account Configuration

This section covers all of the general account configuration settings in Leap. These include all of the App Settings like where all of the various documents should be sent. This

building an estimate

Building an Estimate

This section allows you to enter in customer information or pull appointment information from an integrated CRM. From here, you can add measure sheet items, upcharges, and additional details. Once you’ve filled out the estimate, you can then Result it.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve put together a list of commonly asked questions to give you more information on how to set up your Leap account. System What are your business hours? We are