Building Your Contracts

This section covers how to build your contracts in SalesPro. You’ll need to update your company information in the header and create different body sections that will contain the scope of work. Next you’ll need to link the scope of work sections to your price guide (estimate) in order to pull over the job specifications in the format you want. Lastly, you need to add your Terms and Conditions.

Adding and Editing a Section

Creating different sections allows you to group different information in it’s own area. You may have a section for job specifications, one for payment, and another one for your terms and conditions. This video covers how to add new sections.

Adding and Editing a Cell

Body cells or body lines are different lines in your documents that allow you to input various types of information about the job. You can restrict the type of data that is allowed to be entered and you can also require that a value be entered into a line before the document can be generated. Watch this video to see how body lines are added to contracts.

Linking A Section

Linking a section will create the entire section with all of the details if the items linked are later added in the estimate. This is typically used for items that share a lot of the same information, like windows. This video shows how to link multiple items like windows to a section.

Linking A Cell

Linking a cell or body line will create that line and print information about that item on your document depending on what is specified. This video walks through adding body lines, linking them to an item and using placeholders to print certain information about items.

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