Getting Started

Welcome to SalesPro! If you are just getting started this article will teach you the best way to start building your account. This includes videos and articles on building your price guide, building your contracts/proposals, and configuring the general SalesPro account settings. Looking for a specific How To article? See How Tos.

1. Setting Up Your Price Guide

This section covers how to get started with your pricing. The data on your current price sheets needs to be added to SalesPro. This includes all of the different items your measure for on a job and the various styles and options of items you offer to your customers.

2. Building Your Contracts

SalesPro has a number of contract templates that can be used to get a jumpstart on building your contracts. You will still need to customize them with your company’s information and connect the products in your price guide to your signable contracts. This section goes over how to create and edit your documents.

3. Account Configuration

There are a number of other general account settings that help you customize and fine tune your account. This section discusses all of these various settings such as where to pull your appointments from and where all of your documentation should be sent when submitted by the sales rep.

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