Winstar Uses Leap to Help Homeowners Make Decisions Faster and to Make Selling Simple

About Winstar

Founded in 1994, Winstar is a family-oriented home services company that offers premium bathroom remodeling and electrical services. With their “customers come first” philosophy, Winstar takes pride in giving their customers a WOW experience in the home.

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Industry: Bathroom Remodeling

Sales Reps: 5 – 10

Location: Maryland

Plan: Leap Premium

The Challenge

Winstar needed a digital sales tool to align with their “customer first” philosophy, improve efficiency and empower their sales reps to educate their customers, instead of using high pressure sales techniques. Winstar started using Leap but decided it wasn’t the best for them at the time because Leap was in its infancy stage. They then switched over to another company that offered a web-based browser estimating tool but realized it was worse.

The problem with using this web-based browser estimating tool, was that it required Wi-Fi to function. “The issue with that is, you know, you go in a home and not everybody wants to give you their WiFi password or they’re in a dead spot and they have no service” said Samuel Summers, Sales Manager at Winstar.

Management had to double check all of the sales rep’s work to ensure that sketchpads, contracts and notes were uploaded. It was common for management to discover that notes were missing, data was entered incorrectly, leads weren’t resulted and uploads weren’t saved.

Winstar stopped using this web-based browser estimating tool and went back to physical documents for a period of time. The issue with physical documents is their sales reps had to carry around messy pitch-books with hundreds of pages of bath product pictures and samples. They had to bring paper copies of warranties, product information and documents.

“Adding technology to that added validity to what we were doing, a little more believability and really changed everything.”

Samuel Summers small

Samuel Summers

Sales Manager at Winstar

The Outcome

Winstar decided to take a second look at Leap and ultimately made the switch back over to the app-based platform. With Leap, Winstar can upload appointment information in real-time, digitally add BCI Acrylic products to estimates, eliminate paper documentation and make price changes with little to no math required.

Winstar’s sales reps are now closing 12% more deals than they were on paper contracts. Samuel Summers said that “when I run appointments, whenever we’re like super busy, like today, I went from on average about 32% close rate to I think my past three months, nothing has been under 52%.”

Today, Winstar is now the most affordable bathroom remodeling company in Maryland. They have accomplished this by the professionalism of what they are able to offer their customers through Leap. Sam said, “I’ve actually had multiple times now, since we’ve moved to Leap, that we’ve actually straight-up beat a competitor just because of the professionalism of our proposal.”

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