Improving Efficiency and Customer Experience for Kitchen & Bath Contractors

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kitchen and bath contractor estimates

Improving Efficiency and Customer Experience for Kitchen & Bath Contractors

The kitchen and bath remodeling industry provides a seemingly endless amount of product options for customers. This variety is great for homeowners, but it can lead to a lot of confusion and cause errors by sales reps during the sales process.

Have you spent countless hours inside the home with customers to show different faucets, tubs, and so on? If so, you’re most likely trying to become more efficient while providing a better customer experience.

That’s where automation can make all the difference. With Leap’s point-of-sale software, you can organize all your product options in one place. This helps your reps focus on selling the job instead of digging through pitchbooks, samples, and product magazines.

kitchen and bath contractor estimates

Problems Facing Kitchen & Bath Contractors

Kitchen and bath contractors face many challenges while working with potential customers to sell a job. For example, this includes:

  • Contract errors due to the complexities of product options and pricing. 
  • Customer buying experience due to a manual sales process that is time consuming. 
  • Efficiency and cost due to time spent in homes and transporting paper contracts or product information to and from the office. 

According to the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA), Americans remodel around 24 million kitchens or baths per year. That’s a lot of work to be done. However, the issues above can hinder your company’s ability to close a job or even price it correctly.

Homeowners are smart and don’t have time to waste. Therefore, you need to present clear product and pricing information. In this digital age, automating your sales process has become a driving force within the industry. It’s helping contractors scale their business and convert more leads into sales. Let’s look at how you can overcome the issues above with Leap’s point-of-sale software.

How Leap Software Can Help

Leap software makes the sales journey easier for both you and your customers. Specifically, you can access marketing material, pull measurements, and offer packages directly from the application. You can also select pricing options, sign contracts, offer financing, and process payments.

A key feature of Leap software that greatly benefits the kitchen and bath industry is our drilldown view. With the drilldown feature, you can view all your product options in an organized list. This alone will help you spend less time in each home and give you more time to schedule appointments. And the team at Leap will work with you one-on-one to help you transition to the software with ease.

Furthermore, kitchen and bath remodeling projects can be very pricey, and they’re rarely covered by insurance. Therefore, many homeowners need help paying for these projects. With Leap, the built-in financing feature is exactly what you need.

This on-site sales app works offline and is available and accurate no matter where you are. It’s also built to help your sales reps with a robust pricing guide that includes options and upsells. This will help you scale your business and bring it to the next level.

“Our closing percentage on our Minnesota Shower and Bath division with clear, easy to read contracts and everything right there listed out for the customer, from the majority of the reps in that division is about 50% compared to 30%,” Leap customer Savanna Forster told us.

As you can see, digitizing your sales process eliminates time-sucking and outdated processes that are currently hindering your business. It also helps close the gap between you and your customers.

Leap software is improving closing rates and providing a better customer experience for businesses across the country. To learn more, book a quick 15-min phone call!

The Benefits of Leap Software for Customer Experience

A great customer experience will drive more sales while building brand recognition and trust within your area. However, this can be difficult in the kitchen and bath remodeling space. That’s because the extensive list of product options can take a lot of time to go over with a potential customer. Digging through pitchbooks and going back-and-forth between your office and the home to show products is a thing of the past.

Customers want a quick, clear, and concise process that presents product and pricing information in a professional manner. And Leap gives you exactly that. You will have all your sales material in one place with an easy-to-use drilldown feature and pricing guide.

You can now focus on selling the job instead of showing products for countless hours. And it doesn’t just make your job easier. You aren’t wasting the customer’s time either, which can lead to more sales and a better rapport.

Become More Efficient with Leap

Are you a kitchen and bath contractor that is struggling to keep up with your competition? If so, consider digitizing your sales process to become more efficient.

Leap partners with leading manufacturers and home improvement software companies to provide an even better experience for your business. We understand your needs as a contractor, and this network of partners can help maximize your efforts and operational standards.

If you want better closing rates and higher margins, Leap’s point-of-sale software can help you get there. Automating your sales is the new standard. It makes your entire process more structured and organized. And it resonates with potential customers in this digital age. For more information, schedule your very own demo below!

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