[Masterclass] What Are Top Home Remodeling Brands REALLY Selling?

Tuesday, June 29th from 3-4 PM EDT

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You only get one chance at a first impression.

Contractors that effectively convey their company’s value stand out from the crowd and win more homeowner business time and time again.  

Today’s homeowners are smart and know what they’re looking for when weeding through dime-a-dozen contracting companies. It is not enough to have a professional logo, catchy name, or fancy website. 

Home Improvement Contractors that successfully stand out to homeowners consistently  

  • …address and solve the homeowner’s pain points first and foremost. 
  • …harness Industry and third-party accreditations. 
  • …sell the experience, not just a final product.  

Meet the Speaker!

Patrick Fingles – CEO, Leap LLC

Patrick Fingles is the CEO of Leap and has been a leader in the home improvement industry for nearly two decades.  As Co-owner and CEO of Nu Look Home Design, he has led the development and execution of a $30M, nationally recognized award-winning home improvement company. Responsible for the overall strategic and cultural vision of the organization, he embodies the concept of Leap being built for the industry by the industry.