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How Financing Can Help You Close More Sales

Hear from Kevin Jurcyzk, Head of Home Improvement at Sunlight Financial about:

  • How Financing Benefits Your Business
  • Increasing Approvals with Full-Spectrum Lending
  • Incentivizing Sales Reps with Rewards

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Missed a previous webinar? Not to worry! View our library of on-demand webinars by industry-leading CEOs, sales leaders, and professional contractors.

There is a substantial labor shortage in our industry which shows no signs of stopping. Learn how to develop, train & retain personnel in 2022.

Do you know how to connect your Facebook Account with your website domain? Do you know if your ad results are accurate? And what’s changed with the iOS Updates? Join Andrew Smith, Senior Marketing Manager at Leap as he discusses everything new with Facebook advertising.

Join Charles Antis, roofing expert, entrepreneur, and humanitarian on January 4th at 4:00 PM. He will share how he became an inspirational business leader, championing social corporate responsibility so you can see success at your company.

How people think about and manage their time has evolved from pre- to post-COVID. Learn proven tactics from Mark Richardson, author of “The Art of Time Mastery: The 7 Steps for Mastering your Time”, that include how to improve your time management and effective strategies that you can share with your team to start 2022 off right.

Listen to our panel of industry marketing experts as they discuss new marketing trends, reveal industry insights, lead generation creativity, and market research!

Watch our “pull the curtain back” interview with CEO of Kingdom Roofing Systems, Daniel Young given by Industry Expert, Thomas Basch. Daniel is going to share how and which software he used to scale his business 500% in 3 years!

This webinar will teach you how you can incorporate visual elements into your documents to help clearly outline your value to the customer, document the project plan, and put you ahead of your competition!

Hear how Chuck found success by using his obstacles in life, finding the hidden potential on your team, learn how to figure out what excites you the most.

If you use MarketSharp, we recently released an update this month that allows you to customize the information flow from MarketSharp to Leap.

Are you feeling scattered with jobsite photos and paper documents all over the place? Are you sick of homeowners pointing fingers at your team? 

Join to hear from Eric at Ninja Concrete Coatings about their process before and after implementing a world-class software stack and how it made all the difference. Learn More

Get people to write reviews in appreciation of the good service you provide. Emily Washcovick, Yelp’s Small Business and Reputation Management Expert for the Home Improvement Industry, is returning with what has changed in this space since 2020 and what to expect in the future.

Taverlee of Brand 3 and Andrew of Leap sat down to discuss what’s recently changed with Facebook and give their expert tips for your Facebook Advertising Strategy in 2022.

Due to the massive problems with manufacturing, labor shortages and the challenges it has created in our industry, Bob Shackford from Paramount builders talks about backlog and gives you tips to maintain a stringent schedule to service customers in the fastest way.

The success of any organization lies in its leadership. In their ability to motivate, train, and bring together a team and inspire individuals to generate peak performance results. In their commitment to set standards high and lead fairly, honestly, and communicate at extraordinary levels.

Technology is an accelerator. It exposes gaps and inefficiencies when you are “winging it” but drives growth and revenue when you invest time to build it out correctly. Slow season is the perfect time to do research, develop a budget, and assign responsibility for all your tech needs.  

Leap Marketing Manager, Partnerships, Kate Ratcliffe leads our Industry Expert Panelists through a deep-dive discussion on what has changed recently, what will stick, and what the future holds for the home improvement industry ahead. 

Contractors that effectively convey their company’s value stand out from the crowd and win more homeowner business time and time again. Today’s homeowners are smart and know what they’re looking for when weeding through dime-a-dozen contracting companies. It is not enough to have a professional logo, catchy name, or fancy website.

Ted Drost, VP of Strategic Partnerships with industry-renown funding provider Dividend Finance, will cover the central pillars every home improvement contractor needs to know about financing, the implementation process, long-term strategy and benefits, and the future of homeowner remodeling projects.  

Recruiting Master Chris Williamson of Tony Hoty Training & Consulting shares his proven fundamentals and strategies for attracting top-quality staff members, developing employee-employer loyalty, and reducing turnover.

John Kenney from Cotney Consulting talks through 9 of the latest and most significant strategies that owners and managers can put into action right away and safely navigate the months ahead.  

Steve once sat where you are sitting today. He recognized the impact that technology could have on the homeowner experience. Hear how he used tech as a rep in the field and how it made him stand out from competitors and get homeowner confidence.

Handling objections can be a daunting task for even the most seasoned sales representative. The success rate at which they are overcome frequently lies in how they are perceived. Dave Yoho believes that objections are a sign of interest. By paying attention to the areas of your presentation where objections are raised, you will discover what specifics your prospects have a high interest level for. 

Steve Stencil shares his step-by-step approach to setting your contacting company up with a solid digital appointment experience that will wow prospects and close deals. 

Cade shares how to implement instant financing and payment options into your sales process. Offering your specific customers suitable payment options can boost your company’s sales, reduce the turnaround time, and establish professional credibility.

David Moore of Pella Windows and Doors Dallas Fort Worth and Chris Rice of improveit360 discuss how you as a contractor can collect and leverage data to target ideal customers for your company, better train your sales team, and build long-term value no matter company size.

Expand your skillset of utilizing photos, diagrams, and graphics within contracts. Incorporating visual elements into contracts allows you and your customers to define project scope, cut down on potential miscommunications, and reach an agreement faster! 

Whether you are in the business of roofing, windows, doors, or any home remodeling vertical you have tech tools at your fingertips that can save you time, make you money, and build company value. Check out this exclusive interview with Home Improvement Sales Leader Rob Baker to see how he used technology to get to the top!

Tech Expert Steve Stencil highlights typical key software systems that contractors use throughout the sales and production process to become efficient and error-free 4-Hour Contractors. You will learn ways that contractors can work together to create scalability, save time, and elevate their professional image.

Alex Robinson, Real Estate Analyst, and Amy Dugan, Exterior Remodeling Consultant, explore the home design and remodel trends your clients and prospects will be asking for in the upcoming busy season!

Mark discusses finding the balance in reactive vs. proactive time, reducing stress, and preparing for the tidal wave of leads and business coming this spring. 

Kyle Hoffman gives an in-depth look at the gauges that will help you know and understand your true numbers, and start scaling your business.

A company that presents itself professionally stands a good chance of winning the first-impression wars. Leap and JobNimbus discuss how you can use technology to enhance your image (and your business operations) to stand out from the crowd, no matter what size your company is! 

Join Rieva Lesonsky, nationally-known speaker, best-selling author, and authority on entrepreneurship as she discusses business trends that are likely to dominate in 2021, along with tips on how to position your business for growth! 

Ryan Groth works with owners and sales leaders in the home improvement industry to help them create a local brand and culture that attracts other high performers. Watch on-demand to learn Ryan’s 5 keys to building a retail sales organization with a strong local brand!  

Technology is more than spreadsheets and email. It can improve communication, increase efficiency, and open the door to new opportunities for home improvement contractors.


What you will learn:

  • Strategies for leveraging restoration business in 2021 
  • Ways to increase profitability through supplementing in a timely manner 
  • Discussion on navigating legal changes in the insurance industry 
  • How to scale a business rapidly in a volatile environment using insurance 

The biggest game-changer to the home improvement industry over the last couple of years is the introduction of modern technology. Landmark changes ranging from shorter install times, reduced errors, increased customer experience through interactive presentations, and even shorter onboarding times for new installers and sales reps, have tripled contractor revenue. Steve Stencil, Founder and CTO of Leap, shares tools and resources that successful contractors are using at each stage of the customer journey.

  • Lessons learned and pitfalls to avoid in 2021 (even though we hope disruption on this type never occurs again)
  • Trends that contractors need to pay attention to in the new year
  • Recruitment tactics to combat the labor shortage
  • The changing role of technology in the sales process
  • How should you be planning your marketing in 2021?


  • How to manage stress in pandemic times  
  • Discover common pitfalls that can prevent you from efficiently managing your time 
  • Learn the difference between efficient vs. effective and proactive vs. reactive time 
  • Get a proven time mastery system that incorporates time-tested tactics to take control of your day  

According to a recent Google Survey, in the past two years the number of homeowners who want an end-to-end digital experience has doubled from 36% in 2018 to 62% in 2019. In 2020, companies that were already creating this experience did not see a dip in their business despite the pandemic. 

There are several core functions to every contractor’s business, but arguably the most important is sales. Without that, everything else falls by the wayside. Join Leap and Scope Technologies to learn how to elevate your sales process to the gold standard and build confidence and trust with the homeowner.  

Brian Gottlieb, Founder & CEO of Tundraland, dives in to what success has looked like this year through the lens of several key positions. From Owners to Marketing and Sales Managers, Sales Reps, and from the homeowner’s perspective as well, Brian will talk about the experiences Tundraland has had throughout 2020, plans for the slow season, and a look forward to 2021.

Hear BJ’s story firsthand – where he started with West Shore Home, how they have grown to where they are today, and a look to the future. BJ shares his thoughts on successfully scaling your contractor business, tips for investing in people and technology to help you along the way, and the importance of owning your value and your brand.

Hiring and retaining the right people and understanding what motivates them is crucial to success in the home improvement and remodeling industry. But hiring the right person always seems to take twice the time that you expected, and it can often be difficult to determine if a candidate is the right fit for your company. Join Dave Yoho, industry leader in training, recruiting, and hiring, as he provides you with the answers you’re looking for.

What you will gain:
– How to automate your workflow to increase efficiency
– Messaging and communications that you can use at every stage of the customer journey
– Ways to create a better experience for the homeowner.

Join widely known roofing expert, entrepreneur, and humanitarian, Charles Antis who has become one of the most trusted names in the roofing industry country-wide!

Learn about the importance of corporate social responsibility and how to make your brand more relevant by building goodwill throughout your community and beyond.

Today’s environment requires businesses to adapt quickly. As leading providers of high-resolution aerial imagery and a world-class digital sales platform, EagleView and Leap are ready to help you make the most of your time in front of the homeowner. Join us on Tuesday, September 22nd to learn more about how these platforms work together to give you the tools you need in this digital age.

Writing estimates and contracts is a big part of a contractor’s sales process. Your goal might be to win profitable work with homeowners or get a 10%-20% (or more!) increase on your estimate-to-win ratio. A sure-fire way to do this is to help your homeowners visualize how their remodeled roof, bathroom, and more will look on completion and give them a greater sense of ownership into the project.

Successful marketing plans aren’t developed in isolation, they require collaboration across sales and operations to see the greatest results. 

Heidi Ellsworth and Karen Edwards have been helping business owners build results-oriented marketing strategies for years – and their advice has helped marketing teams work harmoniously with the rest of the company.  

Here at Leap, we are constantly updating and evolving to meet the needs of contractors. And over the last year, we have made a ton of advancements to help solve problems with our customers. We’ve invited Leap’s Founder & CTO, Steve Stencil, to join us next week to talk about how Leap has solved for these problems and more!

With more and more homeowners looking for a digital (or even contactless) buying experience, leveraging technology in your process has more benefits than ever. Technology can help you capture more inbound leads, improve your margin, reduce waste, and make for a more efficient production and post-sale process.

Presented by: Leap, HOVER and JobNimbus

A recent study shows that 73% of homeowners are planning a home improvement project this year. Hear what successful contractors are doing to take advantage of home improvement ready homeowners and thrive in the low-touch economy!

Learn how you can incorporate these top 10 components into your sales process and have both virtual and in-home sales conversations that will increase your average ticket price, save you time, and improve the level of security provided for yourself and your customers!

With so many options available today, determining what areas of your business can be improved by software and evaluating what will work best for your business is a daunting task. Then, once you have selected a solution, how do you go about implementing it? In this webinar, we will be answering all your questions so you’re better equipped to make a game-changing decision!

In this webinar, we will detail each of the 5 sales you and your staff need to make to optimize lead conversion. The solution isn’t simply to generate more leads but to have less ‘fall through the cracks’ in your lead conversion process. Once identified, we’ll detail exactly what it takes to effectively get much more efficient at each and every one of those 5 sales you need to make.

Homeowners today buy when the value is greater than the cost. In this webinar, we will be covering how you can position your company in a memorable way that not only makes you stand out but also effectively conveys your value to the customer.

Learn how to create a visual journey for your customers to make sure their expectations are set and met through the use of digital assets, communication, photos, and videos. Stop chasing unreasonable expectations and make happy customers the new norm!

Leap has introduced a new feature to take your digital documents to the next level. Watch now to learn more!

Learn what is working for Brian Gottlieb, Founder & CEO of Tundraland Home Improvements, in this special webinar!

Learn how reputation management for your online presence has changed due to COVID-19 and what you should do to address this in your business.

Learn techniques and tools to close more sales by bringing up the financing conversation at the right time and in a tried and true way.

Put technology to work for you and learn how you can improve efficiencies across the board from sales to production.

Join us as we talk with 3 experts in the home improvement field on the top 5 sales and marketing mistakes that they have seen contractors make – and how you can avoid them.

EnerBank’s powerful payment options and Leap’s innovative contractor point-of-sale tool work together to give you faster, easier ways to boost your close rate and grow your average project size!

An expert panel assembled from the top 500 marketing and sales executives in the industry will be helping you to prepare for what contractors should expect as things open up across the country.

If you want to lead your people to higher levels of performance, watch this webinar! John Eades shares his 3 steps to building the best leader to guide your team to success!

Going paperless is something that gets thrown around a lot. Over the years, our customers have given us a lot of feedback on how they have tackled the challenge and what has worked for them. We would like to share those insights with you! 

Whether you have 100+ sales reps or you are an owner-operator, you have the ability to enhance your company’s professionalism and have an easy way to keep your sales team equipped with the proper pricing, terms, and resources.

Industry leader Long Roofing’s very own Corporate Sales Trainer, Michael Lyons, will be joining us in discussing how technology helps you scale and stay ahead of the competition.

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