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Today’s environment requires businesses to adapt quickly. As leading providers of high-resolution aerial imagery and a world-class digital sales platform, EagleView and Leap are ready to help you make the most of your time in front of the homeowner. Join us on Tuesday, September 22nd to learn more about how these platforms work together to give you the tools you need in this digital age.

Join widely known roofing expert, entrepreneur, and humanitarian, Charles Antis who has become one of the most trusted names in the roofing industry country wide!

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Successful marketing plans aren’t developed in isolation, they require collaboration across sales and operations to see the greatest results. 

Heidi Ellsworth and Karen Edwards have been helping business owners build results-oriented marketing strategies for years – and their advice has helped marketing teams work harmoniously with the rest of the company.  

Here at Leap, we are constantly updating and evolving to meet the needs of contractors. And over the last year, we have made a ton of advancements to help solve problems with our customers. We’ve invited Leap’s Founder & CTO, Steve Stencil, to join us next week to talk about how Leap has solved for these problems and more!

With more and more homeowners looking for a digital (or even contactless) buying experience, leveraging technology in your process has more benefits than ever. Technology can help you capture more inbound leads, improve your margin, reduce waste, and make for a more efficient production and post-sale process.

Presented by: Leap, HOVER and JobNimbus

A recent study shows that 73% of homeowners are planning a home improvement project this year. Hear what successful contractors are doing to take advantage of home improvement ready homeowners and thrive in the low-touch economy!

Learn how you can incorporate these top 10 components into your sales process and have both virtual and in-home sales conversations that will increase your average ticket price, save you time, and improve the level of security provided for yourself and your customers!

With so many options available today, determining what areas of your business can be improved by software and evaluating what will work best for your business is a daunting task. Then, once you have selected a solution, how do you go about implementing it? In this webinar, we will be answering all your questions so you’re better equipped to make a game-changing decision!

In this webinar, we will detail each of the 5 sales you and your staff need to make to optimize lead conversion. The solution isn’t simply to generate more leads but to have less ‘fall through the cracks’ in your lead conversion process. Once identified, we’ll detail exactly what it takes to effectively get much more efficient at each and every one of those 5 sales you need to make.

Homeowners today buy when the value is greater than the cost. In this webinar, we will be covering how you can position your company in a memorable way that not only makes you stand out but also effectively conveys your value to the customer.

Learn how to create a visual journey for your customers to make sure their expectations are set and met through the use of digital assets, communication, photos, and videos. Stop chasing unreasonable expectations and make happy customers the new norm!

Leap has introduced a new feature to take your digital documents to the next level. Watch now to learn more!

Learn what is working for Brian Gottlieb, Founder & CEO of Tundraland Home Improvements, in this special webinar!

Learn how reputation management for your online presence has changed due to COVID-19 and what you should do to address this in your business.

Learn techniques and tools to close more sales by bringing up the financing conversation at the right time and in a tried and true way.

Put technology to work for you and learn how you can improve efficiencies across the board from sales to production.

Join us as we talk with 3 experts in the home improvement field on the top 5 sales and marketing mistakes that they have seen contractors make – and how you can avoid them.

EnerBank’s powerful payment options and Leap’s innovative contractor point-of-sale tool work together to give you faster, easier ways to boost your close rate and grow your average project size!

An expert panel assembled from the top 500 marketing and sales executives in the industry will be helping you to prepare for what contractors should expect as things open up across the country.

If you want to lead your people to higher levels of performance, watch this webinar! John Eades shares his 3 steps to building the best leader to guide your team to success!

Going paperless is something that gets thrown around a lot. Over the years, our customers have given us a lot of feedback on how they have tackled the challenge and what has worked for them. We would like to share those insights with you! 

Whether you have 100+ sales reps or you are an owner-operator, you have the ability to enhance your company’s professionalism and have an easy way to keep your sales team equipped with the proper pricing, terms, and resources.

Industry leader Long Roofing’s very own Corporate Sales Trainer, Michael Lyons, will be joining us in discussing how technology helps you scale and stay ahead of the competition.

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