The Ultimate Guide to Roofing CRM Software

The Ultimate Guide to Roofing CRM Software

Are you looking to invest in roofing CRM software for your business? If so, you may be overwhelmed by the many options, costs, and features available to enhance your operations. In fact, there’s a lot to consider before you implement software and transform your workflow.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll break down everything you need to get the most out of your roofing software. From onboarding and support to specific features and integrations, you’ll discover how to gain a competitive edge with the right software at your disposal.

What is Roofing CRM Software? 

A roofing CRM is a business management and job optimization software built specifically for the unique workflow of roofing contractors. In general, this software serves your customer relationship management, sales, communication, production, and more. Furthermore, the best roofing software solutions offer industry-leading integrations that provide essential tools for your business. 

Lead Management 
Estimates, Contracts, and Payments 
Material Ordering 
Project Management
Subcontractor Management
Task Automation

Standard CRM vs. Roofing CRM Software?

Many roofing companies invest in standard CRM’s that provide general features to fit businesses in a wide range of industries. Specifically, these solutions come with common features such as lead tracking, data reporting, project overviews, and customer information.

On the other hand, a roofing CRM has specific features and functionality that are built to optimize a roofer’s day-to-day workflow and tasks. For example, this includes end-to-end management of every sales opportunity and project lifecycle, including:

Nurturing Leads
Scheduling Appointments
Measurements and Ordering Materials
Creating Estimates and Contracts
Collaborating with Subs
Managing Roofing Crews and Installs
Sending Invoices and Collecting Payments 
Tracking Project Information 

Who is Roofing Software Built For?

One of the main questions that arises when investing in roofing software is who within the business will benefit the most? Yet, the right software can provide value throughout your company. This includes your leadership, sales teams, production crews, and office staff. Moreover, the best roofing CRMs make it easy for different departments to collaborate from one job to the next. 

So, why is this important? Specifically, the flow of information throughout your business will affect your overall performance. Everyone needs to be on the same page for every job, from your office staff and sales reps to your roofing crews and subcontractors in the field.

This will ensure that each job runs efficiently, is finished on schedule, and is on budget. And as a result, your customers will have a much better experience! This can lead to more 5-star reviews that boost your brand and more referrals that lead to additional business.

Best Roofing CRM Features to Consider

Creating Roofing Estimates and Contracts

The age of paper estimates and contracts is behind us. In fact, roofing software has transformed the way sales reps create and present documents to homeowners. It’s a quicker, more professional and modern approach to selling and winning roofing jobs in today’s market. 

Create quick estimates with guardrails that prevent mistakes such as missed line items, underpricing a job, or offering materials that are no longer available. In addition, you can quickly transform an estimate into a contract with only a few clicks. 

Project Management

Once the contract is signed, it’s important to track and manage every stage of the project lifecycle. Thanks to new technology, you can do just that. 

Schedule your crews, collaborate with subcontractors, and monitor installation progress all in one place. From one milestone to the next, ensure each job is run efficiently to prevent unexpected costs and delays. 

Creating Invoices and Collecting Payments

This is an invaluable feature that many roofing CRMs have yet to implement. However, the right software will include payment systems for your business to create and send invoices faster than ever before. 

You can collect payments on the go as well. This protects your business and gives homeowners the flexibility to make payments easily and stay up to date with payment plans. 

Data Analytics

For years, roofers have gone from paper filing cabinets to excel spreadsheets and everything in-between when it comes to analytics and reporting. Now, you can streamline your reporting with the right roofing software tools. 

View past and present job details, material orders, billing information, and your lead pipeline. You can also access permits, licenses, and other important documents for complete visibility into your operations. 

Roofing Software Integrations

Finally, a roofing CRM is only as good as its integrations. The ability to connect seamlessly to your current systems is crucial. 

With today’s technology, roofing software integrates with various resources that can change your business. This includes measurement tools, aerial imaging, suppliers, manufacturers, financing solutions, and sales or marketing tools. 

Lead Management

Speed to lead is an integral part of building a winning sales culture within your roofing business. The best roofing CRM software will provide lead intake and management to ensure no lead falls through the cracks. 

You can automate communications and track every interaction you have with potential customers. Turn your missed opportunities into closed deals and more profits. This feature also gives the leadership a clear view of your prospects and the beginning of the sales process. 

Ordering Roofing Materials

Traditionally, ordering materials often led to delays, missing deliveries, or even the wrong products altogether. With a roofing CRM, you can connect to your preferred supplier, such as SRS Roof Hub or Beacon, and order materials directly within the application.

These integrations cut out unnecessary steps and save your team time from one job to the next. The ability to access real-time product catalogs within the CRM is a game-changer that has become one of the most valuable features for roofers.

Subcontractor Management

In some cases, a subcontractor may be needed for specific issues during a project. And as a result, collaboration and communication is paramount to ensure a project doesn’t fall behind.  

This feature allows you to give subcontractors access to a specific project and key details needed to complete the work. Moreover, you can manage and limit their access to protect other project data and customer information.  

Customer Portal

Give homeowners access to their project through a customizable portal. Here, your customers can access project details, such as upcoming appointments, important documents, and job photos. 

This feature goes a long way in providing a more modern experience for homeowners. It’s a great way to improve trust and the overall customer journey that can lead to 5-star reviews and more referrals. 

Roofing CRM Accessibility

The most advanced roofing CRM solutions are cloud-based software’s that you can access on the go. Additionally, these applications are available on various devices. 

You can access your CRM on a computer, tablet, or mobile device. Even better, you can log-in anywhere you have access to the internet, whether you are in the office, in the field, or at home. 

Benefits of CRM Software for Roofers

Saving Your Business Time and Money

For roofers, time is money. From scheduling appointments to closing deals and doing the work, every second of the workday is valuable. Fortunately, this is what roofing CRM software was built for. 

Automate every step of your workflow to eliminate unnecessary tasks and become more efficient. In fact, let the software do the heavy lifting for your business. This will save your staff time to focus on important tasks like closing deals and finishing jobs. 

Eliminating Common Workflow Errors 

From sales to production, workflow errors can be detrimental to your business. A roofing CRM can prevent these errors by giving leadership more control over their operations. 

Ensure your sales team is selling jobs at the right price points. Ensure product information is up to date during every appointment. Your team will no longer cut into your margins by underselling a job with the wrong pricing or selling materials that are out of stock or unavailable. 

Enhancing Collaboration and Communication

As your company grows, so too does the number of projects you take on. When this happens, it can overwhelm your business and your staff. This can lead to scheduling conflicts and other mishaps that cost your business money. It’s also common for communication to breakdown when you scale your roofing business. 

Roofing software has you covered here to ensure everyone on your team is where they need to be. Track your schedules to prevent overbooking your crews or sales team. Access every project and every task on the go so that your team understands their responsibilities and role each and every day.  

Improving Customer Satisfaction

The customer experience is foundational to every roofing business in America. And today’s homeowners are more informed than ever before. They do their research and value their time. 

That’s why roofing CRM software goes above and beyond to help you present your services in a modern and professional manner that resonates with homeowners. It helps to provide clear expectations and helps to build trust during the sales process. Your sales reps no longer have to dig through product sheets and samples. This saves everyone time during the appointment and keeps customers engaged during the installation.  

How to Choose a Roofing CRM Software: Do I Really Need a CRM?

Can you manage your entire roofing business without a CRM platform? A common misconception in today’s market is that a roofing business can run on paper materials and excel spreadsheets. Not only is this a recipe for disaster, but it’s not a sustainable process as you work to grow your profits. The more jobs you take on, the more vulnerable your business will become without modern processes and systems in place. 

When you invest in a roofing CRM, the best solutions will provide around the clock support, training, guides, and initial onboarding. Furthermore, you can find a plan that meets your company’s most pressing needs and general goals. 

Specifically, make sure you consider: 

Budget and Costs
Features Available
Functionality and Scalability
Security and Customer Support

Customer success and support teams will work with your team to ensure you’re utilizing features efficiently. And it’s best to pick software that grows alongside your business. The best roofing software will help you add more users and more integrations once you begin to take on more work and hire new employees. 

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The Best Roofing CRM Software

Leap’s Industry Leading

Roofing CRM Software

Leap is the CRM and job optimization platform built to help you manage every stage of every job, from first contact to project completion. You can efficiently manage every lead, schedule every appointment, and create error-free estimates and contracts.

Leap’s high-powered features give you the ability to optimize every stage of the customer journey and job process. Quickly gain accurate measurements, schedule installation, and manage subcontractors with ease.

You can also create invoices fast and collect payments on the go. Collect secure payments in record time and track your financials instead of chasing down overdue payments.

Nurture and Manage Every Lead
Create Error-Free Estimates, Contracts, and Invoices
Automate Tasks and Communications
Schedule Appointments
Manage Every Stage of Every Job
Manage Subcontractors
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Leap also integrates with many of the industry’s leading solutions, such as:

GAF QuickMeasure
Owens Corning
SRS Roof Hub
Looking at a roofing CRM on mobile

Ready to Experience the Power of Leap?

Leap is the roofing CRM software that streamlines your entire operations and helps you build a winning culture. Sign up for a quick demo with one of our experts to discover how Leap can transform your business.

Frequently Asked Roofing CRM Questions

Leap provides plans for everyone, from single user needs and small businesses to larger companies and enterprise needs.

Leap Team is available for $249 per month and includes 3 users. You can also add additional users for $99 per user per month. Unfortunately, many other software companies do not provide clear pricing until you initiate the sale. 

You can have a standard setup of Leap for your business in no time at all! In addition, our team will work tirelessly with your staff to ensure you’re fully onboarded and can do everything with ease, from adding items and managing customers to creating estimates and contracts.

Yes, Leap integrates with many industry-leading tools used by roofers today, including manufacturers, suppliers, measurement tools, financing solutions, and more.