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Effortlessly Build & Present Price to Homeowners

Successful contractors use Leap to win more jobs and give homeowners more options. Build estimates in seconds and present Good-Better-Best pricing the simple way!

Make Selling Your Services & Presenting Price Easy

Price Options

Leap gives you the power of generating tiered price options and presenting price to homeowners in a clean and professional package. Before Leap, this was done by repeatedly redoing the math in a template and involved a lot of linking and logic.

Now, successful contractors who use Leap build their “good, better, best” packages within the estimates section and can populate the price from each package into the contract.

Offer Financing & Payment Options

Home improvement companies find collecting payment to be more time-consuming than it needs to be. Offering payment options can boost sales, reduce turnaround time, and establish creditability.
With Leap, you can offer several payment options with the help of Leap Secure Sign, Payment Capture, and submit several credit applications and receive a decision instantly.

Close the Deal

Using Leap Secure Sign is as simple as generating a contract and hitting the sign button. Once you capture the customer’s signature, you can send it to different email addresses. This also provides you with the ability to sign a signature directly on the iPad.  

No more sifting through your email to find a customer’s contract or payments. With Leap, you can centralize and organize all communications with a customer.

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