Top 50 Funny Roofing Jokes to Make You Laugh

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Two roofers laughing at roofing jokes

Top 50 Funny Roofing Jokes to Make You Laugh

Roofing is hard work and contractors take their craftsmanship seriously. However, roofers are also known to have some fun throughout the workday. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the 50 best roofing jokes to help you get a few laughs from your crew. 

In the roofing industry, you’re sure to face many challenges from one job to the next. From nasty leaks to storm damage, the work can be exhausting and time consuming. But during breaks and in-between jobs, it’s always good to lighten the mood. 

Roofing puns and clever one-liners can elevate your humor and help to build camaraderie within your roofing crews. Therefore, let’s take a closer look at the best roofing jokes to uplift your crews on the job site.

Top 50 Hilarious Roofing Jokes

Two roofers laughing over funny roofing jokes

1. What did the roof say to the building?

I’ve got you covered.

2. Why did the roof go to the doctor?

He had a bad case of the shingles.

3. Why is a roof the most admired thing in the world?

Everyone looks up to it.

4. What does a roof have in common with the Illinois River?

A lot of rafters.

5. Why did the roofer become an artist?

He wanted to find a higher calling.

6. Why is a roofer always great at poker?

He knows when to raise the stakes.

7. Why doesn’t a roof ever want to play hide and seek?

Because it’s always “over” everything.

8. What did the roofer say when he fell off a ladder?

I’ve hit a new low!

9. Why did the roofer bring a camera to work?

He wanted to catch every peak moment.

10. Why did the roofer go to music school?

Because he wanted to improve his pitch.

11. How do roofers party?

They raise the roof!

12. Why don’t roofs ever get invited to parties?

Because they always make things a little flat.

13. Why did the roofing shingle break up with the nail?

It said it needed some space.

14. Why don’t roofs ever go to the doctor?

Because they’re always feeling on top of the world.

15. Why don’t roofs ever tell secrets?

Because they always let things slide!

16. Why don’t roofs ever get jealous?

Because they’re always above it all.

17. Why was the roofer always positive?

Because he has a sunny disposition.  

18. How much does a roof cost?

Nothing because it’s always on the house!

19. Why do roofers always bring a ladder when they go to the bar?

Because they heard the drinks are on the house! 

20. What do you call a divorced roofer who is back on the market?

Shingle and ready to mingle!

21. What do roofers use to make grilled cheese?

Kraft shingles. 

22. Why do roofers and snowboarders get along so well?

They can’t get enough of the slopes.  

23. Why are roofers so confident in their work?

They have a ridge-porous attention to detail. 

24. Why did the roofer become a photographer?

He loved capturing the peak moments. 

25. Why do roofs love playing cards?

Because they always have a full house.

26. Why did the roofer become a hibachi chef?

He loved working on flat tops. 

27. Why did the roofer have a great driving record?

He’s never got a shingle ticket. 

28. Why was the roofer worried he was going to lose his job?

Because he knows his job is always up in the air.

29. How does a contractor put up a roof all by himself?


30. What do dogs call roofers?


31. Why did the roofer join a band?

He heard they were looking for a good pitchman.  

32. Why did the roofer become a philosopher?

He liked to work from a higher perspective. 

33. Why did the roofing crew bring a camera to work?

They wanted to document their rise to the top.  

34. Why did the roofer become a singer?

Because he had a high-pitched voice.

35. How did the roofer win coach of the year?

He took his team to new heights. 

36. Why did the roofers start a podcast?

They had a lot of stories about their ups and downs.

37. Why did the roofer become a magician?

Because he knew how to make leaks disappear! 

38. Why do roofers make great parents?

They know how to “raise” their children.  

39. Why did the roofer become a comedian?

He had pitch-perfect timing.

40. Why did the roofer become a salesman?

Nobody can deliver a better pitch.  

41. Why did the roofer get a job with TMZ?

He uncovered a few leaks.

42. Why don’t roofs ever get into arguments?

Because they’re always well over your head.  

43. Why do people think roofers take things too seriously?

Because they always go over the top. 

44. Why do most people fail roofing classes?

Because the content goes right over their heads.

45. What happens when a roofer has a bad day?

He wipes the slate clean.

46. What do roofs say to each other during tough storms?

Hang in there. 

47. Why did the roofer get promoted?

He was at the top of his field.

48. Why did the roofing company get a good review and referral?

They nailed the job! 

49. How do roofing sales reps win more jobs when talking with homeowners?

They build more trussed.

50. Why didn’t the roofer’s first date go too well?

His mind was always in the gutter.

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Two roofers laughing at roofing jokes

Top 50 Funny Roofing Jokes to Make You Laugh

Roofing jokes are always great for banter between crew members during a hard day's work.
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