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Leap vs JobNimbus 

Need help picking roofing and remodeling software? We have your back. Dive into our comparison of Leap vs. JobNimbus. If you aim to pick the best software for your roofing or contracting business, you don’t want to miss this guide.  

Leap vs JobNimbus software comparison


Leap Team beats JobNimbus because it has: 
  • Time-tracking capabilities, recurring calendar meetings, and a dedicated homeowner portal.
  • Bulk importing of price sheets to maintain accurate pricing information.
  • More integration partners than JobNimbus and no pay-to-use third-party integrations.
  • Macros and formulas to use within estimates.
  • More flexibility in how information is displayed and how workflows are built than JobNimbus.
  • A mobile app that has the same functionality as the desktop app.
  • Overall better payment processing fees.
  • Transparent pricing starting at $249 for three seats.

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Comparing Leap vs. Job Nimbus



Transparent Pricing





Some; has few integration partners.

CRM Features


Yes; with some limitations.

Sales Features



Production Management Features



Mobile App and Payment Processing



Onboarding and Migration



Actionable Reports

Gain a full understanding of your business operations with simple reporting in Leap. Get better insights into lead tracking, results routing, financial reporting, and production efficiency.  

Utilize these actionable reports to identify trends in your workflow and costs. Next, create a culture of continuous improvement to enhance your strategies and day-to-day operations. 

Perform detailed profit and loss analysis through sophisticated reporting. 

Develop reports for your sales team, including close-rates and commission earned. 

Explore custom reporting and export illuminating reports for further analysis. 

Maintain Your Margins

Protect your margins at every step of every job. From prospect to project completion, manage the entire journey more efficiently to save your crew time and your business money. 

Control discounts throughout the sales process and set up transparent employee timekeeping. Watch as Leap does the heavy lifting to protect your margins in real time.  

Build in margins, taxes, and commissions directly into homeowner estimates. 

Utilize measurement integration partners to create accurate client estimates. 

Control discounts and pricing strategies that your sales reps can use in the field. 

Simple Online Invoicing

Create professional and accurate invoices quickly with LeapPay. Customize your invoices to include business branding and the key details your customers need in each invoice. 

Centralize all your invoices and easily access these documents for follow-up communications. No longer worry about outdated filing systems that can get lost or misplaced.

Create a cohesive brand experience by adding logos and your branding to invoices. 

Keep payments securely within LeapPay by utilizing our built-in payment link. 

See and manage outstanding homeowner invoices – all in one place.  

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Transparent Pricing

Leap has been committed to providing customers with transparent pricing since day one, with two current packages available. Monthly billing starts at $79 for Leap Essential for solopreneurs and $249 for Leap Team, with three seats (with the option to add more for a fee). Plus, you can add free or paid subcontractor accounts to any Leap Team account whenever needed.

In contrast, JobNimbus’s pricing has become increasingly confusing over the past few years. According to our research, originally, the platform had multiple tiers with clear, public pricing for each. Now, all of that is hidden behind a pricing request form. To get pricing information straight from the source, you have to start the sales process.

A major difference between Leap and JobNimbus’s pricing structure is that the platform’s base price doesn’t include seats. Our research says you must pay each user seat and the platform fee. To make this more confusing, we found that user seats have variable pricing dependent on the functionality needed in the platform.

Overall, JobNimbus’s pricing is disorienting. Leap’s pricing isn’t. Plus, we don’t paywall any platform or user functionality like JobNimbus.

Here’s a full breakdown:

Leap Essential Leap Team JobNimbus Growing and Established
Monthly Charge $79 per month for one seat $249 per month for three seats Ranges, at least $300 per month
Onboarding Cost $0 $500 Unknown
Pay For Additional Add-ons No Additional seats $99 per month. Texting an additional fee for both plans. Additional seats added on for a fee, which ranges in price.

*According to reports on GetApp 


One of Leap’s strengths is the system’s capacity to integrate with different productivity, measurement, and finance tools. With over 37 native integrations to the Leap ecosystem (and more integration options if you choose to use Zapier), odds are you’ll find the exact type of functionality you need within Leap Team. Materials ordering, measurement, and productivity tools – you name it, we’ve got it.  

We’ve got to hand it to JobNimbus; they’ve got a lot of great integration partners. But did you know that they paywall the ability to use specific integrations? It’s true – the JobNimbus Growing tier doesn’t allow users to use integrations outside of QuickBooks, according to their pricing page. The users that do use QuickBooks report poor syncing and even overwriting historical data by using the integration. 

We know that growing companies need a full suite of tools to empower you. Leap’s set of integrations helps you deliver great work for homeowners.  

CRM Features

Leap has a set of deep CRM features that allow your roofing or home improvement company to accelerate your speed to lead and keep the sales team in alignment with the back office.  

Lead Management

Get your leads out of spreadsheets and into one centralized location with Leap’s lead management tools. You can import, enter leads manually, or sync them with integrations like Angi Leads. Thanks to Leap’s ability to get granular on the details, customers can have multiple jobs with different lead statuses attached to each. Just because your client’s roofing job didn’t close doesn’t mean that you have to mark all their sales activities closed as well.  

So while JobNimbus has lead management tools, they’re largely an effort based on a Kanban-style board system for managing your pipeline, which is a drag-and-drop system with different statuses in each column. If you dislike Kanban boards, you’ll likely dislike how JobNimbus displays this information – and there’s no option to cause it to display using other views. 

Additionally, users report that no automation moves a job across boards, which is a limitation of using a Kanban-style management system like JobNimbus. 

Contact and Job Management

What makes Leap such a powerful tool is its ability to streamline communication efforts in one place. With no integrations required, you can email customers right from Leap. If you want more functionality, we also integrate with communication services like Hatch.  

Plus, Leap empowers you to perform all the tasks you need to do your job, all from the job record: start estimates, add tasks, track time, and attach files and photos.  

JobNimbus has both contact and job management functionality, but job management functions must be manually enabled and set up for use.   

Plus, JobNimbus’s own training materials recommend not logging information to contact records while jobs are enabled. Not the case with Leap; you don’t have to worry about breaking our workflows by tracking multiple jobs to one customer record.  

Additionally, JobNimbus doesn’t have customer-facing portal capabilities. So, if you want to check out ours, click below. Customers can view their invoices and outstanding balances, their upcoming work production calendar, important documents, pictures, videos, and more. 


Leap keeps your jobs on schedule and under budget by automating repetitive, busy work. After entering a prospect’s contact details and their potential job, you can move your job through the custom stages of your work pipeline. When a job enters a new stage, Leap will build tasks and send key stakeholders emails based on the workflow stage you’ve triggered. Also, you don’t have to worry about if an employee disrupts your workflow due to Leap’s deep user permissioning – only administrators can edit workflow automation. 

“Just click on anything, and [Leap] does everything for you,”

– Chuck Thokey, American WeatherTechs


Leap has a user-friendly sales workflow that is incorporated into your job stages, making it easy to get a pulse on your organization’s health from a glance. JobNimbus also has a sales dashboard functionality but is incorporated into separate Kanban-style boards that are pulled out of your main job stages.  

While both Leap and JobNimbus have integrations with suppliers to support accurate estimating, only Leap has the ability to bulk import specific items with pricing via Excel or CSV and the ability to prevent those items from being edited based on an account’s permission level.  

Sure, JobNimbus and Leap have similar sales and estimating functionality, but Leap is the clear winner in terms of being precise with the details.   

Production Management

Leap has many features to help you work better on your projects. It connects smoothly with SRS/Roof Hub, making it easy to order materials. Leap also has two levels of subcontractor accounts and powerful appointment management.  

To avoid scheduling mix-ups, you can assign tasks to your team and see what’s happening on the production calendar. Employees and subcontractors can also track time to jobs, so you’ll know what’s being done and when. 

Users of JobNimbus report needing more automation capabilities like recurring calendar meetings and no time tracking functionality.   

Mobile App and Payment Processing 

Leap offers users a distinct advantage thanks to our user-friendly mobile apps. With both iOS and Android versions available to complement the browser-based version, you’ll experience a seamless transition from the office to on the job. 

JobNimbus offers both Android and iOS apps, but with much more limited functionality. Users report being able to make estimates and contracts in the field and issues with digital signing.  

Both Leap and JobNimbus also offer users the ability to use native payment processing. LeapPay has better credit card processing fees and no dispute fees, while JobNimbus has slightly better ACH processing fees.  

Explore the full details below.  

Leap JobNimbus
Payment Processing Subscription Fee No No
Card Processing Fee 2.9% + 0.30 cents per swipe for Credit and Debit Cards 3.2% + 0.29 cents per swipe for Credit and Debit Cards.
ACH Processing Fee 0.8% ACH payment with $50 dollar cap 0.5% ACH payment with $50 cap.
Dispute Fee Disputes and chargebacks are handled by Leap. You only pay $15 for disputes if we lose. Each retrieval is $15, a chargeback is $15, and arbitration is $10.

Onboarding and Migration

With Leap, you can choose from multiple onboarding packages tailored to your needs. Whether you have multiple offices or unique requirements, our dedicated onboarding team is here to ensure a smooth transition and provide ongoing support whenever you need it.  

JobNimbus does not discuss their onboarding or migration options publicly. 

Migrating From JobNimbus? 
We Can Help.

Customers migrating from JobNimbus report a lack of features that can streamline your business and financial operations (like macros). At Leap, helping you streamline your processes is why we do what we do.  

If you want to see how Leap is built differently, book a time with one of our onboarding or sales specialists.  

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