Bath Fitter Inland Northwest

Bath Fitter Inland Northwest Uses Leap to Fix Math Errors

Bath Fitter Inland Northwest is a locally owned and operated franchise of Bath Fitter. With over 7,000 bathroom improvements completed in their local area, they offer customers a streamlined installation process in little as one day.

Industry: Bathroom Remodeling

Location: Washington

Sales Reps: 5-10

Plan: Enterprise

The Challenge

Bath Fitter Inland Northwest was looking to eliminate contract errors that cost money by implementing end-to-end automation.

“Fixing math errors that my sales team makes. Now I know any sales rep that offers too much of a discount, I know where it’s at. It shows up right there for me.”

Bath Fitter

Andrew Starnino

Leap Dashboard being shown on laptop screen

The Outcome

By using Leap, Andrew Starnino and Bath Fitter now have more predictable margins and have completely eliminated contract errors due to math calculations. Leap is helping to prevent the sales team from selling below margin with guardrails or selling out-of-stock products with universal control. Leap also provides custom, real time pricing updates that prevent selling old pricing to customers.

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Strong Customer Relationships

Leap helps your team keep track of every lead, every customer, and every opportunity in one easy-to-use CRM. All the details you need are right at your fingertips. 

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Automate Your Processes

Leap Team’s custom project workflow gives you the power to build and automate processes that reduce human error and work for your unique business. 

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Powerful Production Management

Your work isn’t done after the contract is signed. Leap Team offers the production management tools to keep your crew on time, on budget, and everyone up-to-date on job progress. 

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