Kingdom Roofing Systems Uses Leap for Predictable Margins

About Kingdom Roofing Systems

Kingdom Roofing Systems is a family owned and operated roofing company. They utilize technology across many aspects of their process to give their customers a unique and streamline experience.

Kingdom roofing small

Industry: Roofing

Sales Reps: 20 – 25

Location: Indiana

Plan: Enterprise

The Challenge

Kingdom Roofing Systems was managing their sales process manually with carbon copy paper contracts. This made it very difficult to control the process or make margins predictable.

“Inaccurate margins on contracts make or break the business. We understand that we make money when we sell the job, not when we produce it. It’s about scoping the job right and hitting minimum margin requirements. We’re talking perfection inside of Leap, down to the penny.”

Daniel Young small

Daniel Young

Founder & CEO

The Outcome

Kingdom Roofing Systems has grown 500% in just 3 years! Their sales reps are closing 100% more jobs and they’re spending 50% less time at the home. As a result, their commission checks are bigger and their day-to-day is smoother.