NEWPRO Customer Story

NEWPRO Uses Leap to Drive Revenue & Save Time


Founded in 1945, NEWPRO started as a family owned window replacement business. They later expanded the business to include additional home improvement services such as roofing, doors, baths and siding. With over 350,000 happy customers, NEWPRO has a reputation that is trusted by all of New England.

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Industry: Roofing

Sales Reps: 100 – 110

Location: New England

Plan: Leap Premium

The Challenge

NEWPRO was in need of a digital sales tool that would eliminate inefficiencies in their processes and scale with their business. Handwritten paper documents were one of NEWPRO’s biggest growing pains as they led to a domino effect of additional inefficiencies such as mistakes and errors on documents.

Errors on documents had to be corrected which meant sales reps were required to drive back to a customer’s house to get them re-signed. Ryan Spar, Chief Operating Officer says, “It’s not really scalable to continue to send people back for paperwork mistakes.” This took time away from family, other appointments, potential deals and lost revenue.

“Adding technology to that added validity to what we were doing, a little more believability and really changed everything.”

Michael Blomerth small

Michael Blomerth

Sales Manager at NEWPRO

The Outcome

NEWPRO ultimately chose Leap to eliminate inefficiencies to help facilitate their rapid growth. With Leap, NEWPRO was able to minimize sales rep’s time spent on the road, reduce mistakes, improve customer experience and grow revenue year after year. You can’t grow 445% in five years doing things the way they’ve always been done. NEWPRO grew from 22 million to 98 million in just five years.

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