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Chadd Castrilli is VP of Sales at Nu Look Home Design, a Qualified Remodeler Top 500 Company. He uses Leap to look more professional and create a better homeowner experience. Customizable and automated, Leap is end-to-end software that centralizes your entire workflow for unmatched efficiency, top-line margins on every project, and total control.

How does Leap help you look more professional? 

  • Make a great first impression offering an easy-to-understand digital experience that helps them understand the cost of their project and the scope of work in the proposal.  
  • Whether they need to sign a contract remotely or want to choose from different pricing options, Leap allows you to meet customers where they are.  
  • Live, real-time, accurate pricing comes from one central location so when your sales team opens the Leap app, all pricing is up to date creating a better homeowner experience

Your traditional paper process is costing you money, slowing down appointments, and preventing growth. Many QR Top 500 companies have seized the power of Leap to make our customizable platform their own, modeling an in-home sales process with more efficiency, better customer experience, and top-line margin. Companies like Nu Look Home Design use Leap to close unseen gaps and move data more quickly than ever before. Just how agile is your sales process?

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About Leap

Leap is a point-of-sales software that takes multiple steps in your sales process and puts them in one digital resource. With Leap, you can pitch your company with updated marketing materials, pull aerial measurements into Leap to show how much material is needed, select products, present pricing packages, sign contracts, offer financing, and process payments ALL with the homeowner in a single appointment.

No more… 

  • Spending hours in spreadsheet hell  
  • Errors and Redundancies  
  • Losing Time or Missing Appointments
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