Patrick Fingles advice to Home Services Contractors to prepare for a comeback

“In the pursuit of the unknown, don’t forget the known,” said Patrick Fingles, CEO of Leap. We have been in these situations before and as Patrick mentions in this video, there are two known critical components to be aware of during times of a crisis.

  1. Everything slows and it is not easy to be successful. But people still need to maintain their homes and home services have been deemed essential. This is a clue that there are customers to be had. Depending on the services you offer, the opportunities available may still be plentiful, or they may be reduced.
  2. Following every previous recession, we have seen opportunities come back strong once the economy begins to bounce back.

My friend Tom Basch, who moderated this session said: “In yesterday’s webinar, Leap’s CEO, Patrick Fingles, brought his nearly two decades of experience and insights in the home improvement industry and shared strategies and technologies that home contractors can use to navigate our current situation and prepare for the great comeback.”

Download the “Guide To Preparing for The Great Comeback”


“Many contractors who have been through previous recessions prepared for the comeback while they were still living through the recession. Leap consulted with a variety of contractors and ultimately came up with a plan to help you prepare for the comeback successfully!”

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