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The #1 App for Kitchen and Bath Sales: Project Estimating, Proposals, Financing, & More

Win more bids in less time with SalesPro, the best kitchen and bath estimate software for contractors. Unlock powerful tools for creating estimates, proposals, dynamic contracts, financing, invoicing, and client communication – all in one platform.

SalesPro at a Glance

SalesPro is an all-in-one suite of contracting and estimating tools for kitchen and bath contractors, created by seasoned home improvement professionals. SalesPro makes it easy for home services companies to go paperless by dramatically reducing manual processes. By eliminating costly errors and automating key functions of their businesses, SalesPro customers save time, money, and improve their customer’s buying experience.

SalesPro is transforming the home improvement industry as the first-ever end-to-end contractor sales app, digitizing every stage of the in-home sales process including estimating, financing, contracting, and real-time communication.

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Features & Benefits

Estimates & Bidding

Produce detailed, digital estimates faster and more accurately than ever before. No need for complicated spreadsheets or manually adding each item one-by-one. See how easy it is to create an accurate, digital kitchen or bath project estimate when you have all the product and pricing information you need, real-time, at your fingertips.

Fast and accurate estimates mean you can spend time where it matters – with the customer!

Contracts & Proposals

All of your contracts and proposals are custom to your business. Through SalesPro, you can provide easy to digest proposals to help customers see the value and SalesPro allows you to digitally sign all contracts and documents. If you don’t close the deal on-site, don’t worry! SalesPro also integrates with DocuSign, allowing you to send contracts from anywhere, at any time.

Financing & Billing

SalesPro partners with top lending providers to offer your kitchen and bath customers convenient financing options and fast on-site approvals within seconds. Watch how our app brings this process together.

The data shows that offering financing in the home increases your average ticket and improves the number of deals you retain. In-home approvals are a win-win!

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SalesPro customers save time, money, and improve their customer’s buying experience. Get started today with the best contractor sales app available, starting at $99/mo.

Why Kitchen and Bath Sales Reps Choose SalesPro To Win More Bids:

  • Powerful software, but easy to use
  • Eliminates errors & improves efficiency
  • Integrates with leading platforms & CRMs
  • An end-to-end sales solution, all in one app

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