Leap Certified Digital Contractor

The stamp of a quality contractor you can trust!

Finding home improvement contractors that you can trust can seem like a daunting task but using Manufacturer and Technology certifications, awards, and accreditations as your main search criteria can make your job as a protected homeowner easier!

We take pride in being Leap Certified. Partnering with technology companies like Leap allows us to put our customers first. Being Leap Certified means that we save you time, give you all the project details and materials that go into your project.

Price Transparency

You don’t have to worry about getting three different estimates. As a customer of a Leap Certified Contractor, you receive an itemized work order that gives you the price transparency of the materials needed for your home’s project.

Securing Your Data

Leap follows best practices in all regards of data protection to keep your personal, financial, and credit card information secure. Imagine receiving your estimate and contract the first visit. You no longer have to wait for a quote and for your contractor to work up a paper estimate. With Leap, you have the ability to electronically sign a contract and make a secure payment, allowing the contractor to get started on your project right away!  

Convenience & Efficiency

You will receive all documentation electronically including a 3D rendering of your home so you can understand the scope of the project. Imagine a shopping experience completely tailored to your needs, wants, budget, and timeline.  

Whether you’re excited about receiving a 3D Rendering of your home and changing the shingle or siding color virtually or excited to see different price options right away – Leap unites contractors and customers for a better sales experience!