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A Win-Win Solution for You and Your Subs

Get the margin you deserve while paying your sub fairly. Leap is the tool you need to manage subs, track costs, and grow your business.

How Do You Compare?

Your reputation is on the line and good subcontractors are hard to come by. How you obtain good subcontractors is based on how well you pay them, how much work you give them, and how easy it is to work with you. Start by seeing if you’re paying subcontractors competitively in your state!

Leap, the all-in-one cloud-based business management app for contractors, took Home Advisor’s 2023 Average Price for Roof Replacement, average labor cost (25%), and US Census Average Residential Roof Size to bring you the average labor cost per square by state. 

2022 roofing subcontractor price sheet by state

Protect Your Margin With Visibility & Control

Bailey used Leap to automate workflows in his business!

Maximize Your Margins

Powerful Integrations

Use accurate measurements from companies like HOVER and direct ordering from suppliers like SRS.

Reduce Human Errors

Leap’s custom controls in estimating, quoting, and ordering makes human error a thing of the past.

Easy to Use Mobile App

Leap’s robust mobile app and web functionality allows you to be productive no matter where you are.

Control the Chaos of Project Management

Watch data flow seamlessly from one stage to the next. Track every step of the project in one easy-to-use application. From prospect to project completion, gain total control over your workflow.

Control the Chaos of Project Management
Seamless Teamwork & Communication

Seamless Teamwork & Communication

Set up real-time lead alerts to notify sales reps or teams the moment a new lead is captured, so they can respond promptly. Company-wide collaboration and homeowner communications have never been easier or faster.

Convert More Prospects Into Customers

Automate lead capture, routing, distribution, and prioritization to the appropriate sales rep to drive a winning strategy that maximizes the chances of closing a sale.

Convert More Prospects Into Customers

Supercharge Your Sales Team With SalesPro


Estimates, Proposals & Contracts

It’s easy to create accurate and professional documents for every step of the selling process.


Excellent Customer Experience

Provide information home owners want to see with confidence and transparency.


Financing & Payment

SalesPro provides your team with payment capture, homeowner financing, and e-signature so nothing gets in the way of closing a deal.

What Our Customers Say

“We didn’t realize all the opportunities we were missing out on before Leap. Everything being so easily accessible has given us the opportunity to win more jobs.”

– Jonathan L., Capterra review

“Easily the best and most customizable CRM for the industry… Their app is second to none and the desktop platform makes following jobs a breeze!”

– Zach L., Capterra review