Leap Terms of Use – Secure Payment Capture

Leap Secure Payment Capture

You have requested to use Secure Payment Capture as an additional functionality of the Leap application (“Licensed Product”). The Terms and Conditions of the User Agreement between Leap, LLC and you as Licensee apply to your use of this additional feature. In addition, you agree to pay Leap, LLC: 1) Additional monthly fee payable on or before such month (such fee is not prorated or refunded for partial months); and 2) Per use fee each time you securely capture a credit card using this feature payable each month for such services used during the prior month. You authorize Leap, LLC to automatically charge the credit card you have provided to pay such fees. In the event Leap, LLC is not paid in such manner, you agree to pay such fees immediately upon invoice from Leap, LLC. Leap, LLC may increase such fees upon 30 days’ prior written notice to Licensee. In the event you wish to no longer use the Secure Payment Capture feature, you may cancel such service by sending Leap, LLC written notice of cancellation provided that the monthly fee set forth above will not be prorated or refunded for partial months. This a legally binding agreement. You must agree to this agreement in order to use Secure Payment Capture as an additional functionality of the Licensed Product. By clicking the “I AGREE” box, you agree that you have read this agreement, understand it, and agree to be legally bound by it.