ProTalks – Episode 1

Training Sales Reps with Tech

On this episode of ProTalks, Tom Basch sits down with Chadd Castrilli, VP of Sales for Dream Home Roofing, to talk about the then and now of hiring and training roofing sales reps, and reveals why tech plays a huge role in it.

Episode: 001

Location: Voorhees Township, NJ

Guest: Chadd Castrilli

Company: Dream Home Roofers

In This Episode

With over 14 years of experience managing sales teams, Chadd has seen and done it all, and shares how he can turn a bartender into a roofing sales subject matter expert in two weeks with Dream Home Roofers simple tech stack.

  • How to manage sales reps errors and mistakes
  • Why Dream Home Roofers’ training only takes two weeks
  • Culture-building as a sales team priority, and Chadd’s one rule (that should be on his wall!)
  • The best industries to hire from for excellent sales reps
“Hiring a bartender 30 days ago that’s selling roofing today – I’d like them to operate in one app, where they can really get to know it, and they can almost become a subject matter expert in the app.”
Leap Dashboard being shown on laptop screen

Dream Home Roofers Uses Leap to Make Selling Simple

These are some of the features that Dream Home Roofers’ uses in order to equip and empower new sales reps for success within 30 days.

Strong Customer Relationships Icon
Dream Home Leverages Resources to Succeed

Dream Home Roofing stacks their resources section with training materials for their sales reps to reference anywhere on the go. Things like recordings, videos, financing option resources and more. 

Automate your processes icon
Enable the Power of the Price Guide

They use simple, standard pricing that can be updated in one spot. The price guides and price drops are user-friendly, making incorrect estimates rare even for the newest of sales reps.

powerful production management icon
Close Quicker Using Financing Options

Dream Home Roofers sales reps are able to capture a default credit application, store in their CRM, and then use that app to apply to their favorite lenders for effortless approval.

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