ProTalks – Episode 2

The Value of a Lead

On this episode of ProTalks, Tom Basch sits down with Farith Odar, National Sales Manager at Leap. The two chat about building a successful sales career from canvassing neighborhoods, and why sales reps shouldn’t overlook the potential value of every lead.

Episode: 002

Location: Columbia, MD

Guest: Farith Odar

In This Episode

With 18 years in the biz, Farith will tell you that he only took a canvassing job for a roofing company, for the hourly pay. From that first basement meeting, he’s built an incredible career spanning nearly two decades and watched groundbreaking sales tech being built the next cubicle over. In this episode, he discusses his experience in sales marketing, climbing the ladder, and how price guide tech changed the sales industry for the better.

  • Why you should be careful “pre-screening” your leads
  • The value of every lead, and connecting with your sales marketing team
  • How price guide technology immediately improved selling at the kitchen table
  • Why companies really have to commit to technology
“There’s fear with technology that eventually people are going to buy a roof online. I agree and disagree. You can get a price online, sure, but that human element – someone that walks you through it, the knowledge, experience, advising you properly… you can’t replace that.”
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