ProTalks – Episode 3

Emotional Intelligence in Sales

On this episode of ProTalks, Tom Basch sits down with Jon Marigliano, Sales Manager at Leap. The two chat candidly about why active listening is so important as a sales rep, how to broaden your emotional intelligence, and becoming comfortable with “no.” 

Episode: 003

Location: Columbia, MD

Guest: Jon Marigliano

In This Episode

Over his years selling windows, siding, and roofing, Jon learned how to make a sale. But he’ll tell you that his sales career didn’t really take off until he learned how to listen. Not only does he share what he learned about putting yourself in the customers shoes and how to avoid taking the dreaded “no” personally, he also talks about what emotional intelligence actually means for a deal. 

  • Why the best sales reps only talk 20% of the time
  • How to protect your sales game by preparing for a “no” on every call
  • Approaching the pre-close to handle objections seamlessly
  • How presenting price on an iPad actually increases your margins
“When you’ve just spent the past two hours demoing a product, and a customer is like ‘yeah, I love everything!’ and then in the closing sequence says ‘no we’re going to think about this.’ I almost took that personally! That would take me to a dark place. But once you learn to separate that no from the emotional side of things, you can really empathize with the customer. Once you get to that point, that’s whats going to take your sales career to the next level.”
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