FACT: Almost everybody loves vacations.

Challenge: Many people have to give up their vacation to purchase an expensive home improvement project. 

Solution: We provide low cost, high value Cruise & Resort Vouchers you can offer to your prospects to help differentiate from competitors, add massive value to your value proposition and create more urgency in your sales process. We train your team how to properly leverage our Vouchers to maximize results. 

Conclusion: Home improvement & home service companies that use the Destination Motivation strategy increase their 1-call close conversions, reduce their cancellations, increase referrals, and create the ultimate customer experience for their customer which drastically Increases customer service scores.  

Why We Partnered

  • Leap is a total game changer for Home Improvement and Home Services companies.
  • They’ve streamlined the estimate process, the digital contracts, and all the other integrations and benefits has made it a one-stop-shop for automation an a paperless sales process.
  • Destination Motivation clients have always looked for a system like this and Leap delivered, which made it a no brainer for Destination Motivation to partner with Leap.
  • Leap allows Destination Motivation clients access to specific forms and resources they can have customers access and digitally sign at the point of sale.
  • Leap has created automation that makes implementing and managing our program that much easier and turn-key. We highly recommend Leap.  

Benefits To You

Increase your conversions up to


Reduce cancellations up to



  • Generate more leads by creating a bigger, better call-to-action 
  • Lower your marketing cost 
  • Increase referrals 
  • Reward your employees 
  • Become more profitable 

What Destination Motivation Says

The two things that make us most happy is watching your sales grow and seeing how happy your customers are when they get back from their vacation! 

Caleb Nelson – Founder & President, Destination Motivation

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