Dividend Finance Overview

Dividend is a leading national provider of home improvement and renewable energy financing. We give installers and contractors the opportunity to offer instant financing to homeowners through a comprehensive suite of loan options and an online, mobile point-of-sale interface.  

Why We Partnered


  • Highly innovative company, leading the game for sustainable operations​
  • Firm believer in pairing technology with processes​
  • Customer-focused, hell-bent on customer experience for both contractors and homeowners.​
  • Mutually accelerated growth


  • To make the process as seamless as possible for our customers to plan and finance their home improvement projects 
  • To help accelerate our Contractor’s sales growth through leveraging Leap’s deep industry knowledge and experience 
  • To offer our Contractor’s an easier way to manage their leads and timely payments upon project completion 

Benefits to You

Use Dividend’s Financing to Grow Your Business

  • More payment options for your customers make for happier customers 
  • Benefit from a dependable, direct deposit payment schedule 
  • Convert more opportunities 
  • Simple online process 
  • Instant credit decisions  
  • True “soft” credit checks 
  • Plethora of marketing and training resources for you and your team  

What Dividend Says

At Dividend Finance, we focus on our Contractor’s success as a driving force behind our consultative business approach. That’s why we partnered with Leap to offer our Contractor’s a seamless solution for their customers in both planning and financing their home improvements.

Paul Watson – VP of Business Development at Dividend Finance