Foundation Finance Overview

Foundation Finance Company offers full-spectrum customer financing solutions for prime, near-prime, and subprime credit customers. One-stop shopping for all credit grades helps contractors save time and money. FFC’s full suite of programs Includes Installment loans up to 144 months, revolving lines of credit with payment factors as low as 1.25%, and a number of same-as-cash, deferred payment, and reduced Interest rate plans to meet every buyer’s needs.  

Why We Partnered

  • FFC saw Leap’s intuitive, comprehensive platform and recognized Immediately that It could help our contractors better manage their businesses, so we wanted to be part of It.  
  • The financing integration piece means that contractors can save time and conveniently access FFC’s solutions right within Leap, which makes their sales process even smoother.  
  • FFC loves that Leap is constantly adding new features and Integrations to help contractors with their business. The easier their processes can be, the more time they can spend selling, which benefits us all.  

Benefits to You

  • FFC’s full-spectrum lending products give contractors the best chance to close every sale, regardless of credit challenges. In fact, FFC approves up to 77% of sales that “prime only” lenders decline … In addition to offering competitive prime credit plans as well.  
  • FFC works with more than 6,000 contractors nationwide – our recent dealer survey Identified our customer service and AMAZING employees as two of the biggest reasons contractors love working with FFC. More closed deals + a team dedicated to contractor success = a winning combination.  

What Foundation Finance Says

Leap’s focus on helping contractors save time and money fits completely with what FFC tries to do in our business relationships. The easier we can all make things for contractors, the more time they have to sell which Is win-win for us all. We look forward to expanding our partnership with Leap and their contractor network with continued new opportunities.

Andrea McCullion, Senior Vice President Sales & Marketings