Outstanding Aerial Measurement Reports with Scope Technologies

Founded by a construction industry veteran in 2014, Scope Technologies has been a leading provider of takeoff reports and estimating software to aid contractors in saving time, landing more jobs, and increasing annual revenues. The company’s large data sets allow for rapid advancements in AI and machine learning, giving the company the ability to continue to drive advancements in its current products and develop new disruptive products for its clients in the construction and insurance industries. Scope Technologies’ suite of reports supports roofers and contractors, increases productivity and champions accuracy in the construction industry.

Scope Technologies and Leap are a natural partnership to help contractors sell – both in-person and virtually!

  • Integrating Scope Technologies’ aerial measurement reports with Leap’s sales software application allows contractors to completely adapt to the changing environment.
  •  Leap and Scope Technologies share the same values of focusing on the contractor and providing the best possible customer experience. We come from similar backgrounds and are led by true contractors at heart.

Benefits To You

Social Media Advertising

Focused on the contractor to provide an unparalleled customer experience

Build a Strong Brand

Turnaround time on the full RoofScope report to under 12 hours

Lead Generation

95% accuracy guarantee on all of our products

Social Media Advertising

Full service on the exterior envelope of the structure:
Roof, Siding, Gutter, Insulation, Concrete, Paint, and Blueprints

Build a Strong Brand

Unbeatable customization options for your business

What Scope Technologies Says:

“We continue to drive excellence in providing our clients with the most accurate building envelope measurements with the industry’s quickest turnaround times. Leap is a powerful tool that will give our clients another competitive advantage in streamlining processes. Our integration will allow our clients to leverage our data and take the next step in automating estimates, presenting the data and their company story while signing contracts in one seamless workflow.”

Jerod Raisch, Founder + CEO, Scope Technology