What is Leap Premium?

Leap Premium is a monthly subscription-based cloud SaaS software package that home services companies of all sizes can use and improve their sales experience 

Leap Premium integrates with the top home improvement software and brings everything together in one place. 

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Everyone in Your Company Benefits

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Business Owners

  • Control the price and eliminate be-backs
  • No more chicken scratch – everything is digital
  • Cut time from sale to production
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  • Eliminate errors
  • Update resources once and get distributed everywhere
  • No misorders of discontinued items
Sale man and homeowner consulting construction plans

Sales Manager

  • Better homeowner experience
  • No double-data entry – enter it one more time to use in multiple format
  • Easy digital documents – develop estimates in minutes

Benefits of Leap Premium

Leap 2.0 Benefits of Leap Premium

Essentials Plus

  • Easy flow of homeowner/appointment information from CRM to Sales  
  • Branded digital estimates and contracts emailed to homeowners during the sales process 
  • Easy to access digital presentations, brochures and pitch books 
  • Send completed contracts from sales to production immediately 
  • Get electronic payment from customers 
  • Offer financing from multiple lenders and get immediate updates
Leap 2.0 Customizable Reusable Products

Customizable Reusable Products

  • Integrated pricing that you can control and modify and quickly change across your entire your company 
  • Quick change and update catalogs and remove out of stock items 
  • Create customized packages controlled from the home office with flexibility  
  • Establish standard Pricing calculations and formulas for each job
Leap 2.0 Measure and Diagram Jobs

Measure and Diagram Jobs

  • Branded measuring sheets with ability to sketch and draw 
  • Order aerial measurements from multiple providers that can flow into the contract without needing separate data entry  
Leap 2.0 Advanced Features Custom Package

Advanced Features

  • Easily combine all your documents into one digital proposal  
  • Resulting leads and automatically sending reminder prompts 
  • History and activity during the sales call 
  • Rehash appointments with the data transferred from the old estimate 

Customers Everywhere Love Leap

“Since coming on with leap, we have really upped our game in the field, and our industry in fact. Our project managers are more professional, they’ve built more trust with our customers. The contracts are clear and we’ve reduced countless errors.”
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Stacey Barlow

Stacey Barlow

Sales & Marketing accounts manager, RetroFoam of Michigan

“I’ve interviewed and tried so many different platforms and Leap solves so many issues!”
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Brian Diamond

Brian Diamond

CEO & Founder, Kingdom Roofers

“And what a tool like Leap does, as an example from a technology standpoint, it allows our entire sales presentation to be delivered with excellence and consistency!”
Read success story here.

Brian Gottlieb

Brian Gottlieb

Founder and CEO of Tundraland Home Improvements and Renewal

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Leap is transforming the home services industry as the first-ever end-to-end point of sale application digitizing every stage of the in-home sales process including estimating, financing, contracting and real-time communication. Created by seasoned home services professionals, Leap’s application helps businesses eliminate errors and increase efficiency by simplifying and automating the day-to-day sales process. It’s a total game-changer!