Best Customer Financing for Contractors

Earn More on Every Deal with Customer Financing in SalesPro 

Make it easy for homeowners to say “yes” with SalesPro’s simple in-app financing. Our integrated lending partners provide flexible financing options, giving you the edge to win every sale. 

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Integrations for the best customer financing for contractors

Simplify the entire process

Financing can be overwhelming. Simplify it by doing everything from submitting applications, getting approvals, and accepting payments in one platform. 

Get more loans approved

Use one application to submit to multiple lenders with no duplicate entry. Prime, alt-prime, subprime — one application, multiple credit decisions.

Easily manage dealer fees & rates

Different lenders have different fees and different interest rates. Leverage our partner relationships to get the best rates for your business.

The best customer financing for contractors streamlines credit applications

Don’t Leave Money on
the Table 

Data doesn’t lie. Contractors who offer financing increase close rates by 18% and job size by 30%. According to a recent market survey done by Leap, only 40% of contractors are offering financing. However, 77% of SalesPro users are offering financing today. With the power of accurate digital estimates, simple remote signature capture, and robust lending options in SalesPro, you’ll never leave money on the table again.  

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Top SalesPro Lending Benefits Include: 

Universal credit application that can go to multiple lenders 

Integrated with 12 of the top lenders  

Easily submit to multiple lenders for the best rate 

Build custom packages that appeals to different homeowners  

Get instant credit decisions  

View & edit credit pipeline in the SalesPro app  

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If you’re already a SalesPro customer and work with on of our lending partners, it’s easy to get started with lending. Learn how to connect your account here.  

There is no additional subscription cost to add lending to SalesPro.  

SalesPro has 12 lending partners including industry leaders like Greensky, Foundation, Aqua, and many more. See all of our finance integrations on our partner page.  

You can use as many of our partners as you would like! We recommend offering at least 3 lending options for better approval odds for different types of homeowners.  

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