Turn Your Pain Into Gain

Turn Your Pain Into Gain

Kitchen & Bath Remodelers are ditching pitch-books and messy presentations and turning to app-based software that speeds up sales cycles, increases closing rates and protects margins. Make selling your services simple with an easy-to-use digital tool that turns your pain into gains!

Before Leap, Winstar Struggled With



When they would go into the home, they would need to ask for a Wi-Fi password which was awkward and felt unprofessional or they wouldn’t have service. 


Resulting Leads

When leaving appointments, management would have to go back and make sure sketchpads, contracts, and notes were uploaded and ensured the sales guys were resulting leads.


Messy Documents

Pitch-books with hundreds of pages of bath product pictures and samples were messy and outdated. They brought paper copies of warranties, product information, and documents to every appointment.  

“So, we did a lot of paper contracts for a while. And then I guess about six months to a year ago, we started looking into using Leap. Leap is, by far, in our implementation of the products, the best out there in the market for us. It is an immense help for me and the sales team that Leap already has the BCI product catalog in an easy-to-use format.” 

Samuel Summers

Samuel Summers

Sales manager at Winstar

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