5 Ways Installation Managers Use Leap to Prevent Mistakes & Save Time, Money, & Materials

Don’t get stressed about measuring mistakes, wasting time fixing errors, or ordering the incorrect number of materials again! 

How do you spend your workday? Is it filled with coffee, stress, and hurry to get to each appointment? Do you get home, put your feet up, only to put them back down, because you need to make sure you or your team ordered the correct materials for that one job? Check out these recent waste statistics and 5 ways installation managers use Leap to save time, money and materials.

Waste Statistics: 

“Annual construction waste is expected to reach 2.2 billion by 2025!” 

Transparency Market Research

“Americans waste 1.4 billion tons of food a year.” 

Environmental Protection Agency 

“The average employee wastes 21.8 hours a work week.”  


Those are big numbers! And it’s not just the construction industry that is wasteful, it’s industries and people across America. Together, we can help combat one of the more costly industry problems, the waste factor. Have you ever measured wrong or ordered the incorrect number of materials?  

What can you do to order the correct number of materials to save you time and money? What can you do to make your job easier and less stressful? Here are 5 Ways Installation and Production Managers like Ron use Leap to order correctly during the quoting and installation process… 


Integrate Leap into your CRM and create an automated workflow, with digital data transfer so you can save time driving back and forth to the office and manually transposing contracts into production orders and customer records. 

Ron says, “When you get to the job site and pull up Leap, you can import whichever measurement tool you use, Hover or Eagleview, with the exact measurement. I can add the percentage of waste needed for the job and it will automatically calculate that for you, along with your drip edge and accessories, everything is listed there. Which is automatically imported into our CRM, Marketsharp. 

Fewer Mistakes 

Use Leap to make fewer measuring and ordering mistakes with popular integrations like Hover and Eagleview, so you can transpose notes/paper contracts into product  orders & digital records. 

Ron says, “You can’t make a mistake with Leap. If you’re out there doing what I did 30 years ago with a pad and paper, writing down all the measurements and materials you need for that installation, Leap makes those things automatic for you. 

Save Time 

Use Leap to capture e-signatures on contracts vs. having to drive back out to the customer to get the signature. 

Ron says, “Leap saves me and my project manager 3-4 hours a day.”  

Repeatable & Customizable Processes 

Avoid the common mistakes of bad measurements or bad math that can cost you money/time that eat into your margins & make you look bad to your clients. With Leap,  you can train your production team to use the same repeatable process and one that is  customizable to your processes. 

Ron says, “When your installer tells you he’s short material, you can compare that to what was ordered right inside Leap, without having to go back to your scribbles on a sheet of paper you can’t find. You don’t have to decipher your distributors coding for each individual item.”  

Higher Margins 

Put controls on your pricing and discounting within Leap to keep your reps from getting too aggressive on price and eating into your margins. 

Ron says, “There’s a lot of coordination on the production side of a job, what Leap does is it creates your order in about 15 minutes being at the site. It goes to our purchasing department to put a second set of eyes on it, and then it gets sent right to our distributor. Where our purchasing department in the past had four people, and now we only have one. 

Does your production often make mistakes, waste too much time in the car, order incorrectly costing the company money? With Leap, your company can see higher profit margins, increased efficiencies, higher closing rates, fewer cancellations, and give your team the confidence that they are doing their job correctly without any stress of making ongoing mistakes!  

Using technology like Leap reduces waste in the home services industry and helps your team order material correctly. Leap is used by home service contractors to power production staff. Leap allows project and installation managers to re-measure, create detailed order summaries, handle any customer changes, and create work orders. When the job is done, use Leap to sign the completion docs. 

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