The Perfect Match to Your CRM

Build a Faster, Stronger, & More Profitable System  

The perfect match to your crm

Home services companies are, at their heart, a very traditional and transactional business. Contractors are consistently collecting customer data every day through their CRM systems, marketing platforms, canvasing, and appointments. But how much data collected goes unused and how can you leverage this data to improve business processes, increase margins, enhance customer experience, and reach new customers?  

Luckily, you don’t need to swipe right to find the perfect match to your CRM. Leap partners with several Industry CRMs to bring remodelers a faster, stronger, and more profitable system that will make your heart skip a beat. Call 844-370-5327 to schedule a demo today! 

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If you’re working at a home improvement company in 2022, you probably use an industry CRM that collects your prospects and customer’s data. And if you’re not, download this eBook to help you understand why you need one and how to get started… 

“How to Choose the Right CRM for You”

With competition at an all-time high, technologies that partner and integrate with one another allow you to enhance and differentiate your services from your competition. Seamlessly pushing contact and appointment data from your CRM into Leap and then uploading estimates generated in Leap back into your CRM creates more business opportunities for your business at scale. 

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Check out these frequently asked questions that contractors and home improvement professionals often ask us.  

Is Leap a CRM?  

  • Leap is not a CRM, but it is the perfect match for one.  
  • Leap is point-of-sales software that takes multiple steps in your sales and production process and puts them in one digital resource.  
  • Leap streamlines and digitizes every stage of the sales process. With Leap, you can pitch your company with updated marketing materials, pull aerial measurements, select products, present pricing packages, sign contracts, offer financing, order materials with your manufacturer, process payments ALL with the homeowner in one single appointment, with seamless CRM integration data flow.  

How Can You Make Your CRM Stronger with Leap Specifically? 

  • Save money by transitioning to a completely paperless system 
  • Transform your sales process into a seamless, error-free customer experience and track every customer interaction 
  • Get jobs through production faster and shorten production timelines 
  • Create satisfied referral-giving customers 
  • Auto-fill data to save time like driving and finding your paper notes 
  • Attach encrypted credit applications sent to lenders inside of Leap 
  • Have complete visibility on the profitability of your business 

How Do Contractors Use Their CRM & Leap to Successfully Rehash Deals?  

  • You may run into a situation where a lead does not want to commit to the sale on the first visit.  
  • In your CRM, you can show this customer lead as a “no sale” result.  
  • When the sales rep arrives at the appointment and when the lead is ready to make the purchase, the sales rep can pull up the customer’s data in Leap, pull up the initial estimate, make notes for this appointment, and updates the rehash opportunity with the latest documents and result reporting.  
  • The rep in the field can collect e-signatures and payment within Leap – a seamless and efficient process.  

How Can I Use Leap and My CRM When Incorrect Material is Ordered for a Job?  

  • No one is perfect and humans make errors.  
  • If a mistake happens during the estimating stage, then project managers can go into a customer’s account in Leap, pull up their appointment information, and see where the mistake was made like measuring or ordering incorrect material.  
  • This seamless integration between your CRM and Leap allows you to confront the mistake with the homeowner right away – giving them the best customer experience possible. 

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