2022 Roofing Subcontractor Price Sheet By State

A Win-Win Solution

Get the margin you deserve while paying your labor fairly. SalesPro is the most accurate estimating tool roofing companies use to improve margin and keep subs happy.

  • Take control of your margins
  • Accurately Price Jobs 
  • Easily make price changes 

In 2022, there’s no doubt that you’re looking for workers. So, what can you do to navigate a labor shortage? Start by seeing if you’re paying too much for labor and how you compare in your state.  

SalesPro, a digital tool used by residential roofing companies to sell in the home, took Home Advisor’s 2022 Average Price for Roof Replacement, average labor cost (25%), and US Census Average Residential Roof Size to bring you the average labor cost per square by state.

It’s Time to Win

Residential roofing contractors use SalesPro to control and protect margins. When you protect margin, you can pay your subs well. The reason why you don’t pay your subs as much as your competition is because you don’t really know what they charge for the job. If you want to win in the subcontractor game, you need to pay subs well.

The Margin Insights & Price Control You’re Missing

Mass Price Tool

Make easy updates to price in real time for when those ever-changing labor and material costs hit.

Missing Required Fields Notifications

Set guardrails to prevent errors and redundancies in your sales process.

Custom Formulas

Limit discounting, add mark up, and price floor controls help sales reps accurately price jobs. 

Have You Seen Margin Controls Like This?

margin control using Leap estimates

Homeowners pay more when they have a seamless and professional customer experience. Within SalesPro, you can build your $130 labor cost per square into the estimate. This price control and transparency allows you to close at a higher margin, more frequently. So, now instead of charging $450 per square and paying your guy $90, you can charge $650 per square and pay your guy $130. Now you’re paying your subs well and achieving top-line margin!

Quality Home Exteriors Uses SalesPro to Protect Margin with Visibility and Control

As a remodeling contractor offering roofing and other exterior services, Brian needed an efficient system for teaching new sales reps how to estimate each product line correctly while still maintaining profitable margins on every job. 

About SalesPro

Whether you’re a business owner or managing several crews, SalesPro digitizes your entire sales process and makes winning [jobs and subs] easy. Use SalesPro as a tool to sell your services to homeowners, prevent costly mistakes made by sales reps in the field, and get top-line margins on every job!

  • No more spending hours in spreadsheet hell
  • No more errors and redundancies
  • No more losing money and crews

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