How ABC Seamless Generates Accurate Proposals with Leap

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How ABC Seamless Generates Accurate Proposals with Leap

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ABC Seamless franchisees like Larry Tyler used to run leads with a labor and time intensive paper sales process. After spending too much time fixing mistakes and errors on paper proposals, this Sales Director for ABC Seamless of Nebraska started to look for a tool that saves time, improves customer experience, and closes bigger deals. 

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How ABC Seamless Generates Accurate & Precise Proposals with Leap

Update estimates, contracts, and proposals in seconds, from anywhere.

Generate transparent line-by-line pricing right in front of the homeowner.

Centralize data and communications for professional customer experience.

Paper Proposals Suck: What’s the Challenge with Chicken Scratch?

From Lead to Project Complete, a Paper Process is Labor-Intensive

Larry Tyler said, “We would get incoming calls for lead sources and then it was up to the sales reps to print out lead sheets and go to lead’s homes to take measurements and make estimates. And then we either generate a paper proposal or paper contract. The challenge with this system is if the sales rep has poor penmanship or misses details, they make mistakes and don’t look professional. It’s a real labor-intensive process.”

People Buy from People They Like & People Don’t Like Paper Anymore 

Larry Tyler said, “If you’re professional, confident, and take care of the customer, you’ll always have a much better chance of success. Customers love Leap and it’s really fun because I have the customers punch in the numbers themselves and allow them to interact with it. The transparency in this customer experience gives me the opportunity to build trust with a homeowner because they see I’m not just making numbers up. The customer is building the estimate and is less likely to argue with the price. Leap builds trust and transparency with homeowners.” 

Messy Pitch-books Mean Messy Training Programs

Larry Tyler said, “Our business has doubled in the last four years. When we bring in our sales reps, we have a six-week training program, and we train our reps on Leap right away to learn the platform and our pricing. Leap allows me to send my guys out in the field with some product samples and an iPad and that’s really it. Sales reps love it because they don’t have to carry messy pitchbooks anymore.” 

You Can’t Grow Your Contracting Business if You’re Buried in Paperwork

Paperwork is time consuming, paper price lists are untrustworthy, and pitch-books are unprofessional. Whether you’re managing a sales team or knocking on doors, homeowners are more likely to buy from you when you present accurate and precise proposals in a professional first meeting. Paper and manual processes slow projects down, leave room for mistakes, and create an experience that does not build trust and credibility.  

Several ABC Seamless franchisees have shifted their in-home sales experience from paper to software. Now you can create estimates, contracts, documents, financing, and payment capture to get the job done quickly and with less errors. Automating your day-to-day operations is key to finishing your siding job quickly and efficiently. 

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Now ABC Seamless Has Turn-key Proposals that Drive Profitability

5 reasons Larry Tyler drives revenue with Leap:

  1. No more paper price list. Now ABC Seamless franchisees can see all products and prices in one digital place.
  2. No more rewriting and transposing information across estimates and contracts. Now ABC Seamless franchisees can generate proposals right inside Leap.
  3. No more unprofessional sales reps. Now contracts look sharp and precise, and sales reps are more likely to close the deal.
  4. No more wasted time. Now my office manager doesn’t need to scan and save customer data.
  5. No more mistakes and losses in translation. Now my CRM automatically uploads customer information and project details right in Leap.

From project start to the homeowner signing the contract, Leap has the tools needed to cut out inefficiencies and get the job done faster. Faster estimates mean your reps can run more leads. Watch this video to see how Leap, JobProgress, Eagleview, CompanyCam, and Ingage shorten the sales cycle.

Leap Makes Our Reps Lives Easier

ABC Seamless of Fargo trained their sales team, including the older ones over 60, to use Leap in 21-28 days. How are ABC Seamless sales reps selling more with Leap?

  1. Newer sales reps are successful and productive faster with a standardized, repeatable sales process
  2. All sales reps have access to the most up-to-date and relevant materials in a single, secure location always. 
  3. Sales teams are always up to date on any changes to pricing by syncing pricing and maintaining version control on the Leap estimate generator. 
  4. Activity data & reporting track and coach sales reps’ processes so owners and managers can run the business more effectively. 

Are you an ABC Seamless franchisee interested in learning more about how Leap generates accurate and precise siding, roofing, & gutter proposals? Leap will be attending the ABC Seamless Sales Conference in early December. Stop by our table to learn more about driving top-line margins and customer experience. Schedule a demo before the event to see how ABC Seamless Franchisees simply onboard and begin a digital sales process sooner, rather than later.

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