Best Window Estimating Software in 2023

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Estimating software makes jobs easier for window and door contractors

Best Window Estimating Software in 2023

Estimating software is helping window and doors sales reps close more deals. In fact, the industry is beginning to embrace automation to improve efficiency and effectiveness. It’s driving higher margins and giving homeowners a better and more professional experience. Let’s take a closer look as to why more contractors need to implement sales software into their business in 2023.

Estimating software is making the job easier for windows and doors service providers.

The Value of Estimating Software for Window Replacement Companies

Homeowners love having options to consider before making a substantial purchase. And window and doors companies know this as well as anyone.

Product lists are always expanding with the newest windows available and a variety of doors, colors, and so forth. There are so many choices, which is great for the homeowner but a headache for sales reps when walking through products and materials. It’s time-consuming and often leads to errors on contracts or during installation.

However, software is eliminating these errors altogether and saving your reps time in the home. Leap software allows you to have a drilldown view of your product offerings that is easily accessible and customizable. That way, you can present these options to a homeowner in a clear and professional manner. And if a product is out of stock or new products come in, you can make updates directly on the application.

To learn more about Leap’s point-of-sale software, book a 15-minute demo today

Built-In Financing to Close More Deals

Specifically, upgrading windows or installing new doors in a home can be very expensive. That’s why it’s so important for contractors to provide clear financing options. According to Forbes, estimates suggest whole home window replacement will cost around $6,400 for standard products and labor costs. Yet, these numbers vary depending on the state you live in and the products you select.

With Leap, financing is built into the software and is only a few clicks away during the sales experience with a potential customer. Now homeowners can make instant decisions without having to worry about costs. As a result, you can close jobs faster than ever before.

You can also offer specific pricing packages directly through the contractor sales software. For example, this includes good-better-best pricing for windows of varying costs. These pricing options help you differentiate your services when speaking with a homeowner.

As you can see, Leap makes it easier to select different product options, provide pricing details, and go over financing with a customer. It’s all in one place, from the original inspection to signing the contract.

A Network of Industry Leaders

Leap provides an industry-leading software that is helping scale businesses across the country. However, we understand the needs of window and door contractors expand even further. That’s why we have partnered with other industry leaders to provide further services within the Leap application. For example, this network of partners includes:

  • Payment and finance solutions 
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) 
  • Product manufacturers 
  • Measurement tools 
  • Sales and marketing 

Competition is at an all-time high in the window and door services industry. That’s why our partnerships are in place to provide further value throughout the in-home sales process and beyond. When combined with Leap, our partners complement the software and maximize your operational efforts and efficiencies.

Connect with Homeowners Through Leap Software

Leap is an all-encompassing point-of-sale application for window and door companies. It helps you create a repeatable sales process for your sales reps. This leads to less mistakes and more jobs. It also makes it much easier to train new employees as they join your company. But most of all, it’s helping companies build trust with homeowners.

To start 2023, many Americans will be looking to begin new projects at home. And it’s important for your business to stay ahead of your competitors. When you streamline your sales process into one application, your entire business can improve.

You will spend less time hauling around product samples or dropping off paper contracts. Therefore, you can use that time to schedule more jobs! That’s why so many companies are turning to window estimating software for 2023. It’s closing the gap between the company and the customer!

You don’t have to feel like you’re leaving money on the table any longer. You can prevent sales errors by going digital with Leap. To learn more about Leap’s point-of-sale software, fill out the form below to book a quick demo!

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