Bathroom Remodeling Estimating Software Can Change Your Business

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Sell more jobs with bathroom remodeling estimating software

Bathroom Remodeling Estimating Software Can Change Your Business

Bathroom remodeling estimating software has the ability to revolutionize your business. In fact, many companies are turning to automation to produce estimates and sales. It’s saving your reps time with homeowners, preventing paper errors, and driving higher margins for your business. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of estimating software for the kitchen and bath industry.

Bathroom remodeling estimating software is helping to sell more jobs.

Is Bathroom Remodeling Estimating Software Worth It?

According to House Method, a bathroom remodel can up your home’s value by 3%. In addition, bathrooms are the most popular home renovation project in the United States.

Homeowners turned to new projects during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic and the trend is still carrying forward today. And due to high inflation and the current housing market, many homeowners are remodeling their current homes instead of buying new ones.

As you can see, the demand for kitchen and bath remodels is sky high. However, many companies are falling behind their competitors and leaving money on the table.

That’s where bathroom remodeling estimating software can make a huge impact on your business. Specifically, sales and estimating software eliminates the paper trail that has haunted remodelers for decades. You no longer have to dig through files and contracts to find measurements, product orders, or pricing.

Instead, it’s all neatly saved in an application for you to access at any time from your iPad or computer. And it really resonates with homeowners. Presenting estimates, product options, and pricing through software provides customers with clarity and a more professional experience.

It makes the entire sales process more efficient and effective. Therefore, your sales reps will spend less time in each home going over paper materials and dodgy handwriting.

How Poor Estimates Can Hurt Your Business

Poor estimating is one of the primary reasons why many remodeling companies go out of business. When your estimates are off, you are costing the company money and countless hours fixing the errors. Over time, these losses begin to add up.

Moreover, poor estimates can lose customers altogether and prevent further opportunities in the future. It’s a cycle that can break down your business.

And it affects your entire operations, from your sales reps to your office staff. A bad estimate can affect the cost of materials, product orders, installation, and all communications with homeowners.

With bathroom remodeling estimating software, you will have access to measurement tools, product lists, and pricing all in one place. The process is completely streamlined to prevent the errors that are hurting your bottom line.

Better yet, you can update product and pricing information within the application whenever a need arises. If a new product comes in or another product is out of stock, you can make instant updates. If costs go up or down, you can update that as well.

In general, estimating software gives you more control over your sales operations. You don’t have to worry about underselling a job anymore. You have total control and clarity over the process, and your sales reps gain more confidence as they work within the application.

Leap Software to Scale Your Business

Leap’s point-of-sale software will help your team drive higher margins with better estimates! You can eliminate paper errors and schedule more jobs by going digital.

Leap software was built by experts within the industry. And we partner with other industry leaders to provide even more value to kitchen and bath remodelers. This includes measurement tools, sales and marketing, manufacturers, financing, and more.

For more information about Leap, fill out the form below and schedule a quick, 15-minute demo with one of our experts. You can learn how bathroom remodeling estimating software is changing the industry and helping many companies stand apart from their competitors.

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