A Contractor Tool for Automating the Sales Process

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Save your sales rep's time and eliminate paper errors with Leap's contractor tool.

A Contractor Tool for Automating the Sales Process

Are you looking for a contractor tool that can help your business streamline the sales process? If so, you’re not alone within the industry. As we move into the new year, contractors are turning to new technology to improve their sales and support their business operations. In fact, sales software saves your reps time with homeowners to focus on selling the job and scheduling more appointments.

Recently, Leap’s Director of Business Development, Tom Basch, spoke with Gary Cohen of the Certified Contractors Network to discuss sales automation in the industry. You can listen to Tom’s appearance on the Contractors Toolbox Podcast here. Let’s dig a little deeper below to discuss how going digital is helping contractors scale their business.

Leap's contractor tool saves your sales reps time and eliminates paper errors.

A Contractor Tool for Sales Reps

It’s common for contractors to face issues with consistency, pricing, and customer experience when it comes to sales. Fortunately, industry experts are working hard to overcome these challenges with new technology.

Sales errors can cost your business loads of time and money. If an estimate is off, you could undersell a job and cut into your margins. If you sell a product with outdated pricing, you’re leaving even more money on the table.

That’s where Leap’s contractor tool for sales reps can make the difference. You can eliminate these errors with sales automation. Moreover, you can update products directly on the Leap application and have total control over pricing. This prevents sales reps from underselling a job or digging through paperwork to determine costs in front of a homeowner.

“Nobody wants to have a sales rep come into their home with paperwork everywhere all disheveled,” Tom said on the Contractors Toolbox Podcast. “Leap removes all the nuances and problems that sales reps experience.”

As you can see, the entire customer experience is affected by your sales process. By going digital, you can present a job in a more professional manner and save everyone time during the process. This helps your business better connect with homeowners and build your brand reputation within your community.

Leap’s software also takes a lot of the work out of your sales reps’ hands so they can focus on selling the job.

“Leap helps you create estimates, proposals, contracts, work orders, inspection sheets, and whatever type of documents you need,” Tom noted. “It pushes that data back to your CRM so that the business has visibility into what transpired at the kitchen table.”

The Impact of Sales Software on Training

The role of a sales rep has evolved over the years. In the past, training a new rep could take weeks. You weren’t only training the sales process, but also the products, the pricing, the measurements, and much more.

Sales automation has become the solution to many of these problems. A sales contractor tool can cut down the amount of time needed for training. You can focus on the sales process and Leap’s software does everything else for you, from the measurements to the estimates, contracts, and other documentation.

Leveraging technology makes onboarding much more efficient. Everything is built into the Leap application and is “dummy-proof,” according to Tom. You can’t move forward without checking all the boxes during the sales journey.

It’s also great for price control and consistency. This contractor tool allows you to drive higher margins by putting barriers in place that your sales reps must abide by within the software.

“The company sets guardrails and prevents a sales rep from going below that,” Tom added during his talk with Gary Cohen. “With Leap, you’re able to change pricing instantly and push that out to all of your sales reps.”

You now have the most up-to-date pricing and more control over the products your sales reps are offering. Everything is seamless and easier, giving your reps more confidence to build trust with homeowners.

Seamless Sales Process with Leap

Leap provides a point-of-sale software that can help you get the most out of your operations. Furthermore, we have a network of partners that are industry leaders in their own right. This includes measurement tools, 3D imaging technology, financing, manufacturers, marketing, and more.

“Every contractor should have a sales process. We cannot wing it,” CCN’s Gary Cohen stated. “When Tom talks about using technology to present, we are strong believers in that at CCN and we are aligned with Leap in that.”

Leap is proud to work with industry leaders across the country that provide innovative technology with contractors’ needs at the heart of their services. A great contractor tool should be designed to help your business become more efficient and effective, while providing a better customer experience. And Leap is dedicated to helping you do just that.

To learn more about Leap’s software, fill out the form below and schedule a 15-minute demo with one of our experts. We look forward to helping your contractor business grow over the coming years!

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