How to Generate Leads for Home Improvement Businesses

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How to generate leads for home improvement companies

How to Generate Leads for Home Improvement Businesses

It’s so important to learn how to generate leads for home improvement businesses today. In fact, lead generation is often the cornerstone to success in the industry. It’s also an opportunity to build trust with homeowners before they ever make a phone call or fill out a form.

At Leap, we sat down with renowned keynote speaker and best-selling author, Marcus Sheridan, to discuss the importance of digital marketing and generating more leads. Let your online presence do the heavy lifting and close more jobs in the process. Let’s take a closer look at the best lead generation strategies for contractors below.

Learn how to generate leads for home improvement companies

Learn How to Generate Leads for Home Improvement Services

Homeowners are more informed than ever before in history. It’s now commonplace for Americans to scour the internet in search of answers before reaching out to a company for their services. This gives them an idea of cost, time, competitors, and the best product options before you ever have a chance to speak with them.

“The average customer today is 80% through the buyer’s journey before they reach out to us,” Marcus Sheridan said during a recent webinar. “This number is not going down; it’s only going up. What does this mean for sales? What does this mean for marketing?”

As you can see, it’s important to understand how to generate leads for home improvement services by building trust with homeowners online. And the best way to create this connection is through content marketing and search engine optimization (SEO).

You want to be the source of all information within your specific market. You want a homeowner to find your company’s website when they search for information about the products or services you provide. And the best way to do this is by providing better content that informs the market, such as blogs, guides, videos, and online learning centers.

“They are vetting us to death, “Marcus added. “And if we don’t give them what they want during this vetting process, then we’re going to lose that opportunity.”

The best companies will obsess over the questions, concerns, worries, and fears that their customers have. In addition, they will address these questions and concerns on their website via great content and videos.

They Ask, You Answer Strategy

They Ask, You Answer is Marcus Sheridan’s best-selling book that dives into digital sales and content marketing. It’s a guide that contractors around the globe have embraced and implemented within their businesses.

Specifically, it touches on the fundamental questions that homeowners are asking today. And by answering these questions, you can drive more website traffic, more leads, and better sales conversions.

Marcus believes these five subjects rule our economy right now! For example, they include:

  • Cost: How much are your services and products? Is there an average or does it depend on specific products?
  • Problems: What could go wrong during this project? What issues can arise?
  • Competition: How do your services compare to other companies in the area?
  • Reviews: How was the experience of other homeowners that worked with you? Was it good, bad, or downright ugly?
  • Best: Which company provides the best work in my area for the service I am looking for?

Consumers are obsessed with these five subjects. Yet, most businesses aren’t willing to talk about them. By answering these questions on your website, you will see how easy it can be to generate leads for home improvement businesses.

Convert New Leads into Sales

Once you develop great content online and more leads start rolling in, you must convert those leads into sales. And this is where sales automation and new technology can make all the difference.

“As you focus on building a more transparent customer experience in your marketing efforts, carry that same focus through the sales process by giving homeowners the answers they want right at the kitchen table,” Leap’s Danielle Basch noted during our talk with Marcus Sheridan. “Leap and Ingage are the perfect tools to help you meet the needs of homeowners and build even more perceived value.”

With the Leap platform, you can gain total control over the sales journey, drive higher margins, and create a repeatable process for your sales reps to improve their closing rates. Leap also partners with many of the biggest names in the home improvement industry to provide you with further value! This includes industry leaders in manufacturing, financing, marketing, imaging, and more.

Leap is built to help your business operate more efficiently, eliminate annoying tasks, and sell more jobs. Furthermore, we help you provide a more professional experience that resonates with homeowners that have already done their research!

For more information about Leap, fill out the form below and schedule a quick demo with one of our software experts. You can learn how to generate leads for home improvement projects and convert those opportunities into actual sales.

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