The Right Tool for the Job

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the right tool for the job

The Right Tool for the Job

Does anybody understand the value of a good tool better than a contractor? Merriam-Webster dictionary says a tool is a handheld device that aids in accomplishing a task. Maybe that definition is a little too narrow; a table saw certainly isn’t handheld, but I think in general the definition is accurate. Contractors use many tools, from simple hammers to complex software. Both are handheld and both aid in accomplishing a task.

Leap was founded on the premise that there should be a better tool for contractors to effectively estimate, present, and contract jobs in the customer home. This tool has provided tremendous value to thousands of contractors and homeowners. In 2022, we combined forces with JobProgress. This combination made sense for many reasons, but most importantly, we shared a common focus. JobProgress was built by contractors for contractors… just like Leap. Both companies hired the best and brightest from the industry. And together, we believe we have the most qualified, engaged team of go-getters in the world. Together our toolbox has become more complete.

I’m Chief Product Officer at Leap. It’s my job to bring the right technology to our customers. I’ve had the privilege of building relationships with some of the best and brightest minds in the home repair and remodel industry. I am continuously amazed by the creativity some of our customers deploy in their use of our and our partners’ software. I’ve seen small businesses with technology stacks that rival some of the most forward-thinking companies in any industry. Business intelligence tools, marketing automation, and other solutions can really drive a business forward. Unfortunately, for most contractors, these solutions are out of reach. The cost, expertise, and resources to build out complex systems is not possible when you spend most of your days talking to customers, keeping crews engaged, and tracking down late shipments.

We believe the most powerful tool for the job is the right-sized tool. The right tool, used by the right pro, for the right job. It’s a critical combination. It is this belief that drives us to announce some exciting product news. JobProgress and Leap products are coming together as one platform.

What’s the difference between a product and a platform?

A platform allows information to flow seamlessly from worker-to-worker or department-to-department. Contractors are no strangers to tool platforms. They understand the benefits of buying tools that are reliable from vendors who stand behind their products. This change to how we sell and deploy our tools for our customers is just the beginning, but it’s an important change. We have thousands of customers, from solo businesses to large corporations. They all need a technology hammer, but they don’t all need the same size hammer. We have taken our experience as software professionals, roofers, contractors, and consultants and applied it to our offerings to ensure each customer gets exactly the right size solution for their budget and needs. Be confident as we help grow your business, and our solution will grow with you.

This is just the start; we are excited to build the technological foundation for our contractor’s growth and our roadmap of innovative solutions to our customers’ challenges. We are proud to be the leader, and we thank you for your trust and partnership. If you are an existing Leap or JobProgress customer, no change is needed. Your existing solution will continue to support your processes as always and you will also benefit from the exciting new products we are adding to the toolbox.

The right tool, used by the right pro, for the right job.

*To learn more about these new packages, please visit our updated pricing page

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