Increase Productivity with Contractor Workflow Automation

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Scale your business with contractor workflow automation.

Increase Productivity with Contractor Workflow Automation

Contractor workflow automation is becoming the new standard within the home improvement industry. In fact, it’s proving to be the best solution to managing the growth of your contracting business.

When you scale your business and take on more jobs, your processes and operations must grow as well. This can be difficult to undertake if you don’t have repeatable processes and organization throughout your company.

Sheer volume in new jobs alone can overwhelm a company that isn’t used to this amount of work. And while company growth is great, it also puts a spotlight on your inefficiencies that can really cost you in the future. Therefore, let’s look at how contractors are implementing software to automate their workflows as they scale.

Contractor workflow automation.

Contractor Workflow Automation for Business Growth

Lester Morris, Sales Manager at Leap, spoke with the CEO and Founder of Contractor Appointments, Sean Conners, to discuss the industry’s transition to workflow automation. And one thing is very clear: organization and operations are crucial to growth.

“I think one of the biggest issues within the home services’ space is why there hasn’t been a lot of companies that grow beyond the small business aspect of things,” Sean said during the webinar. “It requires a different level of organization to go beyond 50-to-100 jobs, depending on your trade.”

As your company grows, there are a lot of moving parts and adjustments along the way. However, there are fundamental areas that are key to your success. For example, this includes:

  • Communications
  • Onboarding and training
  • Marketing and sales process
  • Lead management
  • Customer experience

For a smaller business, you can create general processes that help you manage and grow quickly. But once this growth takes place, there’s more work to be managed. And you need a more complex tech stack to handle the load.

“Contractors come to us and they’re doing 30-to-100 jobs and up to 200 jobs a year going through their workflow,” Lester noted. “We want to help them control the chaos and that is through automations inside their workflow. Whether that’s communicating with a homeowner, text and email going out, or tasks through the progression of a job.”

Contractor workflow automation simplifies your efforts to make your entire operations more effective as you scale. It helps you create a repeatable process that eliminates unnecessary tasks. Moreover, it automates repetitive actions that you use on a daily basis.

Workflow Automation with Leap

With the Leap platform, you can automate your entire workflow to become more efficient and save countless hours each week. And in general, your time is the most valuable asset as your company grows.

“As you grow, your workflow should grow with you,” Lester added. “We want to reduce redundancies. If you’re doing the same type of job over-and-over that consists of the same 15-to-30 line items, you don’t want to have to do that one-by-one. With templates, you can pop those in and adjust accordingly.”

The Leap platform allows you to track and manage every project in one system. You can measure success with data tracking and reporting. Its functionality also includes customer relationship management to ensure you make the most out of every lead, while creating repeat and referral customers.

It’s a unified platform that manages all your customer interactions and the progress of every job. Better yet, its contractor workflow automation is completely customizable. You can put guardrails in place to guarantee your team follows up with leads and customers. In addition, you can automate your tasks and to-do lists and build a stronger connection throughout your business.

A Digital Foundation for Contractors

In today’s economy, any company that isn’t constantly evolving to meet the needs of their market is going to fall behind. And that is why the team at Leap is committed to providing the best digital solutions for contractors.

The demands of your business will continue to build as you take on more customers. And Leap understands the importance of streamlining your operations in the home improvement space. The Leap platform was built by contractors for contractors.

We also partner with proven leaders in manufacturing, measurement tools, imaging technology, financing, sales, and marketing to provide more value as your company grows.

Leap’s contractor workflow automation has helped numerous businesses improve efficiency, provide a better customer experience, and protect their margins. To learn more about Leap, fill out the form below and schedule a demo with one of our software experts.

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