Tech for Tots: Leap Partners With The Community To Raise Money For The Boys & Girls Club of Metro Baltimore

Leap employees participated in raising money for the Boys & Girls Club last month with a Lemonade Stand and Community Car Wash.

Our Partnership

Leap has partnered with the Boys and Girls Club of Metro Baltimore since January 2020. Last year, Leap helped transform a local elementary school’s technology center, one earth day outdoor enhancement, and third this year.  This year, Patrick Fingles, CEO of Leap, suggested getting our employees’ families and the community involved in our efforts to get technology in the hands of underserved youth in a safe and fun place. 

Family Fun & Giving

Leap families joined together in September to raise money with simple gestures to provide a positive impact and help shape the minds of future generations. Some employees choose to host lemonade stands in their neighborhoods while others met up at the office on a Saturday morning for a Car Wash!  

Geoff Gill, Lead UX/UI Product Design Architect, hosted a Leap lemonade stand with his kids and said, “I received such an incredible response from my children as well as the community. I love working for a company that invests in its own people and gives back to the communities that support us.” 

Kaynat Arif, Customer Success Manager, said “It was amazing to see everyone come together on a weekend to raise money for tech for tots, boy and girls club. We had a great turnaround! It was a beautiful sunny day and so much fun!”

Thank You to Our Loyal Customers

Technology helps you run a successful and efficient business every single day. We’re calling on you to help underserved youth in the Baltimore Region. If you’d like to donate, please do so here. We couldn’t have had such an amazing success last month without the help of our customers and partners who helped our local initiative as well as the Leap Employees and the community. We greatly appreciate you!  

About Leap

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