Leap Revolutionized Advanced Window Systems Sales Process!

“Using Leap helped us compress time in sales and production to make our whole customer experience better. It is a paperless system for contractors that makes everything more accessible. As a management system, it helps you better define and control the sales process.” 

Patrick Neumann, Marketing Manager 

Patrick Neumann saw an opportunity to bring Advanced Window Systems to the next level by digitizing their home contractor sales process – Leap was the solution that turned Patrick’s opportunity into a reality.

How did you hear about Leap?

“Another company that we’re friends with referred us. Basically, we were looking to go paperless, that was our big motivator. We were also really trying to get away from the old school chicken scratch measurements. Leap was the cleanest step to do it and we had a friend who had gone through it and seen success, so we went that way.”

What were you looking for Leap to improve for your business?

“Obviously going paperless and improved measurements, but also errors! What we’re finding is that Leap is a great help for when we update products. For example, if we have a color that was selected and the manufacturer doesn’t offer that anymore, we can quickly change that. The speed at which we can do change orders is really great!

How has Leap helped with improving your measurement process?

“The options in-app that allow you to choose the correct pricing for specific measurements helped in preventing errors in terms of wrong estimations for specific measurements. The accurate pricing and the ability to just open it up and swipe through pricing – our pricing is more accurate now.”

How has Leap helped with pricing?

“Pricing is uniform across all sales, which can be updated and changed easily. With Leap our pricing is all very top line which is great, our production can see it and the sales manager is able to see it – the whole process is crystal clear!

“What’s nice too is Leap is seamless in terms of the resources element. We can get the presentation and then also generate contracts within the same app – pretty awesome.”

Has Leap been able to save you any time?

The amount of time that has been compressed has been a tremendous benefit! There is no need to go to the office and drop off a contract – that we used to deliver to all the relevant departments to keep the job going. It’s been a whole-time compression step that we didn’t expect to be such a benefit and it really has sped up our entire production process.”

“The fact that we can send contracts digitally versus having to drive over to the office and drop them off, is a big-time saver!”

You said Leap saves you time. How has that impacted the rest of the business?

“Customer experience has seen improvement. Say a sales rep sells a job Saturday night and we are closed Sunday. Our production department already has that contract first thing Monday morning, they’re able to reach out to the customer and schedule the job. That’s a huge benefit! There is no more waiting for the sales rep to come in after their morning appointments.”

What particularly sold you on using Leap?

“The seamless process and the transparency element. It’s great. Having control over the pricing is a benefit and it just overall gives a more professional feel that is a big benefit. It separates us from the traditional contractor.”

Has Leap been able to deliver on the promises made when you were considering using Leap?

“There was some effort that we had put into getting off the ground and started in the process – time investment in getting all our products in the app. But yeah, it’s been good for us because we were able to put that extra effort in and got it back in return.”

“Your team was tremendously helpful in getting us to the end goal and continue helping us to make improvements every day!”

How would you describe Leap to a colleagues or friends?

“A paperless system for contractors, literally. It makes everything more accessible and from a management system and it helps you better define and control the sales process.”

About Advanced Windows Systems

Advanced Window Systems is a family-owned and operated business with over 40 years of experience. They are one of the most highly respected, trusted, and regarded companies in their industry, offering their customers outstanding value by providing premium products and superior customer service. They specialize in windows, siding, roofing, and doors, with all their products coming with a quality guarantee. 

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