9 Digital Sales Tools for Contractors [Infographic]

Tools that will help you win more business from today’s digitally-savvy homeowners!

For many homeowners, a new roof, siding, or a kitchen remodel may be one of the biggest ticket items that they will ever undertake. They want to feel confident that the contractor they have chosen has the right tools to get the job done as promised and on budget. In these instances, writing up an estimate in a notebook just won’t cut it. Today’s digitally-savvy homeowners are looking for a more polished experience to help them feel comfortable and ready to say “Let’s do it!” We have compiled a list of tools and digital technologies that top contractors have embraced to make the in-home sales process more streamlined and to help them put their best foot forward with each customer.

In addition to creating a polished sales experience for their customers, these tools also benefit the home improvement contractors themselves! You will gain efficiencies that will allow your sales reps to save time and close more deals, streamline your communications between sales and production, ensure consistency in your pricing, and much more!

Infographic Download: 9 Digital Sales Tools for Contractors

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