[Video] Leap Contractor Solutions: Digital Contracts & Proposals

Features & Benefits For Home Services Contractors

Nothing slows sales momentum like inefficient field-to-office communication for contractors. Watch how Leap’s software enables contractors’ sales reps to generate digital contracts and proposals, add notes and images, and capture e-signatures on-site.

All of your contracts and proposals are custom to your business and can be sent digitally. Through Leap, you can provide easy-to-digest electronic proposals to help customers see the value and Leap allows you to digitally sign all contracts and documents. If you don’t close the deal on-site, don’t worry! Leap also integrates with DocuSign, allowing you to send contracts from anywhere, at any time.

With the digital era constantly evolving and the buyer persona changing, consumers are going to expect a digital sales process. If your customer is buying everything else digitally, why shouldn’t they be able to purchase home services the same way? Lead your industry, with an industry-leading application.

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