Are You Process-Driven or Results-Driven? It Matters to Know.

Awareness of which approach you use at different times in your work will empower you to move through challenging situations and decisions, ultimately propelling you to achieve your business and personal goals.

Results-oriented businesses are more concerned with the outcome, focusing on the future (win at any cost mentality). For example, your sales reps are more worried about beating out the competition, so they may sell below floor price or are more likely to one-call-close. This mindset is driven less by process and more by experimentation.

On the other hand, process-driven businesses focus on success, but more so on how that success occurs. For example, owners think long-term and practice the art of patience. They use technology and invest in processes that help drive measurable growth. They take a step back, to move their business forward.

Neither approach is the right or wrong way to run a business. You may have individuals within your organization who function with their own process or results-driven characteristics. Reflect on your business. Is it results or process-driven? Which approach would you rather use? How can you bring all processes and personalities together, giving customers a memorable experience, and scale the business for growth?

Daniel Young from Kingdom Roofing

invests in technology like Leap to do just that. He said, “So, we began interviewing software companies and we had 12 pieces of software that we were using written out with what we were using them for. My goal in interviewing software companies was how many of these software solutions can I remove with one sales software program. As we wrote up these 12, we interviewed with Farith and his team, what we found was their software literally checked 12 out of 12 boxes!

Whether you’re installing modern windows, fitting a bath, or replacing an old roof, you need…

  1. Consistent, replicable, and customizable processes.
  2. People to manage those processes.

It is possible to use both approaches, with less trial and error, and more implementation and success. We empower you to build out a digital process that automates and differentiates your business, gets rid of errors and makes your customers say, “Wow, I thought replacing a roof would be stressful, but you made it so easy!”

Software, like Leap, enables contractors to shift their mindset from reacting to controlling the entire process while yielding results in one dedicated place. Leap is the technology that contractors use every day to scale businesses and bring employees, customers, and software together for one interactive and enjoyable experience.

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